Monday, May 11, 2015

We Survived the Road to Hana

Our last two days in Hawaii after trying to help that fun Jonah and Aja Eyre family get ready for their eminent nine month tour of Europe, were a delight. We got to take Aniston to Hana to take her final tests before leaving. She has been homeschooled and since her scores always bring up the average for their group they really needed her to take the test (which would complete her year). There were only three kids taking the test and since one of them lives in Hana, they decided to do the test there.Go figure. It wasn’t a really convenient time for Jonah and Aja to spend two days getting her there and home since they were leaving within 72 hours, so it was our privilege to take Ana to her test.

For those who are not familiar with this crazy road along the shore of Maui to the sleepy little village of Hana, it takes about 2 hours to navigate 69 switchbacks on crazy narrow roads with stops at myriads of bridges too narrow for two cars to pass. If you  tend to get car sick…don’t go there!  It was nevertheless a gorgeous ride and precious time with this precocious, self motivated, ultra organized 13 year old whom we adore. These few photos will give an idea of the fun we had driving through this luscious rain forest by the sea!





As luck would have it, the cottage where she was to take her test was directly across the street from the Pool of Venus, an incredibly deep aqua pool surrounded by craggy rocks that are perfect for diving. Before she started her tests the next morning we walked over to see it and then Rick went back for a dive.




Funny picture. Ana is across the chasm of the pool but it looks as though Grandfather is handing her his hat:


On the way back to the cottage we found a cute unattended fruit stand with prices of the fruit and a bowl where customers were supposed to place the money for their purchases. Perfect idea to save time! And a nod to trusting in people’s integrity!



The ride home was glorious in the morning light and by the way, Ana aced the tests. We knew she would!




There ‘s only one thing to do with my hair in the humid air of Hawaii….let it go!  One day it looked so bad that I looked like Merle Streep when she played the wicked witch in “Into the Woods.”


It was a couple of days we won’t soon forget as we bid goodbye to our crazy adventuresome family who are setting out for their grand adventure in Europe. You can follow them on Istagram at ajaeyre or banana.eyre.

We not only survived….we had a GREAT time!


Susan said...

I would love to follow their adventures but I can't figure out how to follow them. Any suggestions? I miss their blog also. I first read about Mr. Money Mustache there and that has changed my life.

Julie said...

Brill picture of Ana, Richard & the hat.:)

Just curious, why do your grandchildren call Richard Grandfather & not Grandpa/Dad?

Linda said...

Grandfather was Richard's choice of how he should be known by his grandchildren. Probably because he is so GRAND! :)

Apparently these Eyres are on private instagrams but If you want to follow Jonah and Aja on their grand adventure you can go to