Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exciting Online Career Training for Moms

NEWS FLASH! THE largest Online Conference for MOMS ever is about to happen on October 13, 14th and 15!  And it’s FREE!

Here’s a one minute video to give you an idea of the exciting content of the conference which includes 20 experts who will add their own expertise to  “job training”  for the world’s most important career:

Let me explain why I am so excited about this.  A few of months after the arrival of our first little baby, doing my best to survive the the astonishing difficulties of being a mother, I had an epiphany. I was embarking on the most important career of my life. And it wasn’t going away any time soon. In fact, because I wanted a big family, it would get bigger. As more children joined our family I knew I needed help!

I had received years of training for a music education career, had great teachers who provided excellent training for writing and speaking, but never any real training, other than what I learned from my own mother (which was rich and good)  for my crucially important and certainly most time-consuming career…Motherhood.

I stumbled through, read some books and even wrote some books in order to get my thoughts in order about Motherhood.  With friends I even held a  few Homecareer Seminars drawing from our group of mothers on our website. They were terrific, but just a drop in the bucket in the vast ocean of need for how to be an effective, joyful mother. I knew that job training for mothers was crucial because the effects of good mothering doesn’t stop with our own kids. It goes on and on through future generations.

Now more than four decades later, we are thrilled to see our daughters take the baton and run ahead with the banner of The Importance of Motherhood. In fact that firstborn baby, Saren Eyre Loosli along with April Perry have given immeasurable support to Mothers through their website at Saren and April along with their gifted friend Desi and many others have lifted mother-training to an exciting new level! 

So join mothers from all over the world on October 13, 14 and 15th who are interested in being deliberate about their “Home Careers” and listen to 20 speakers who will each speak for one hour on their own expertise. Topics range from Finding Joy in Motherhood to Simple Ways to Teach Values and from Tips to Providing more Healthy Food to Help for Organizing Your Home.

Richard and I are delighted to do one of the presentations along with our daughter Shawni who is the author of the incredible blog (well I may be a bit prejudiced…but it’s true). For a list of all twenty speakers and their topics and to register for the event or even to become an affiliate click here. 

So gather some friends and watch it together OR if you can’t be there live, the event will be recorded and available for viewing one hour at a time or to review things you may have missed at a cost that will be a great “bang for your buck!” Join the fun and inhale the exciting ideas for job training for your most important career!


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Suzan Baker said...

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