Friday, March 11, 2016

A Busy Writing Year and a Sale

Though this blog is mostly for the sake of family history i should probably mention that last year was a very busy year of writing for Richard and I!  We have written three books together and Richard has written two on his own. Our wonderful publisher Familius has made these books available to our friends and is offering a chance to buy three of the four books below for $30 (a savings of $25 from the list price).

The Turning: The first half of this book includes research on the alarming number of people in the world who are turning away from valuing families and family values and often turning away from getting married and having children. The second half is about what we can do to create a “turning back” in our own families and in the world.

The Thanksful Heart: A hardbound coffee table book that contains beautiful photography and a month by month way to keep gratitude in our hearts year round. It also includes the poetry and Thanksgiving card pictures from the past 40 years of our lives together.

Life in Full : A fun book that stimulates thoughts, prompts setting goals and excites those who are looking forward to life after the kids have left home. If you are a young parent, this would be a perfect gift for your parents!

The Half Diet Diet (by Richard): A new way to think about dieting by sipping, savoring and cutting your intake by half. This doesn’t just apply to food but to life in general and is such a fun way to help us  accomplish that almost perpetual goal of losing weight as well as ways to live a more purposeful life!  

If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 12, you might want to take look at the sale on Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, an incredibly fun way to teach your children 12 universal values, one month at a time!  To see the books, an audio introduction to Alexander’s Amazing Adventures and an eight minute introduction to this creative way to introduce your kids to the important value of Honesty, go to our youngest daughter Charity’s blog HERE. The sale on the books and the Values series only lasts until March 15th so hurry if you want to take advantage of a great deal! 

Best wishes to you all!


richard said...

I love a lot of blogs, but yours in my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Do you value families with same sex-partners? Two Moms with kids, two Dads with kids? Mom and Dad with no kid? Single Mom with kids? Single Dad with kids? Mom, Grandma and kids (no Dad)?

If you valued all families, UNCONDITIONALLY, without trying to fix or change them to fit your Mormon mold, I would buy your books, because you probably have some good ideas.

But I will not finance your prejudiced, one-sided view of families.

Linda said...

We have many dear friends who have gay children and value their courage and their families immensely! Perhaps you should check out this website before you judge Mormons and their views about the gay community: htpp:// We admire and unconditionally support all those who are struggling to create good families, especially those who are dealing with difficult challenges!

Anonymous said...

What if they are NOT struggling and NOT facing a challenge? What if they are gay with kids and are loving it? What if that is their choice not something to overcome?

vdg family said...

I own your book "The Thanksful Heart." I actually won it off of Shawni's blog. I have to tell you that I treasure it. So much in fact that it triggered my writing of my favorite quotes and scriptures on thankfulness on my bathroom wall by my "tower of thought." A few of yours, including "gratitude is happiness in its most obtainable form," grace my wall. I definitely think inspiration was in play while writing/photographing that book and your others. Thank you so much for your writing and intentional parenting and grand parenting. You are making a huge difference for those of us that are thirsting for ideas and hope.

vdg family said...

I forgot to mention that there have been so many times that I have gone in there, read my wall, and felt a renewed gratitude and determination to show Heavenly Father my gratitude. :D