Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Birthday and Fun in The Big Apple

Those birthday seem to roll around more often that we’d like as we get older! It was so great of the Shumways to come from Boston during their spring break to help us celebrate with the Eli and Julie family. It was the most splendid day! A birthday never to be forgotten!

It started on the steps of NYC where the Shumways, who were staying at Julie and Eli’s neighbor’s home found their grandfather and I having a birthday chat. They sang Happy Birthday in parts and joined us for a picture!


Next we had a scrumptous breakfast at Jacob’s Pickle on the Upper West Side. 

Chicken and Pancakes extraordinaire!



The kids soon forgot their food and had fun playing together:


It ended with a quite incredible birthday treat!


Next was a manicure/pedicure treat with Saydi, Julie and I. And yes even Richard!  We all had a great time just relaxing and getting to know the Chinese technicians!


While Eli tended the kids across the street. Can you see Dean watching us with the help of his dad out their window up there  in the second window on the left on the top floor?

The next event was one that will be a treasure to me forever!  Saydi had called all our children and asked them to send her a copy of a painting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art online that reminded them of me and to write a short desciprtion of why! Could there be a better birthday present?   What fun we had on our romp through that magnificent museum with Eli and Julie and Shumway kids to find those nine pieces of art!  Here we are with Dega’s ballerian.


Here are a few of the paintings that we found. Saydi took pictures at each place as she read what each child had to say about it! This is just a small sampling of the art!





I dearly wish that I had taken a picture of every one in my camera. Saydi has the complete list and Rick has some in his phone. Each was so precious. An unforgettable experience!

On the way through we all stopped at this magnificent picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day. Google the story. It changed American history forever!


Bless Julie who took care of her little Zara and Dean, who weren’t particularly interested in the “tour” of the museum. at a playground next door. And Jeff was there at the playground when we got there with birhtday treats. Could there be a better birthday?


Alas, the Shumways had to drive back to Boston for their Sunday meetings so the cousins, gave each other one lst hug and were on their way. Luckily they will be spending a few days with them next week!


This picture perfectly personifies our grand few days together in that epic city!

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Sydney said...

That is the biggest and most delightful looking birthday dessert. And, what a treasure! To have your children write about a piece of art that reminds them of you, from the MMA, and to be their to view the art and hear your children s words---- spectacular.