Monday, August 29, 2016

The Scramble to Exit and The Remainders

The moment church was over on Sunday, July 24th, people scrambled to get to other places!
Everyone scattered to get their own family lunches. Love that the dads are at work here! Jonah is sporting his handlebar mustache as he prepares lunch and Eli is holding poor little Zara who had a low fever the whole reunion, which turned out to a Urinary Tract Infection. Poor little girl! Tal is making good use of the leftovers, and since Jeff has gone, Saydi is searching the fridge for her little crew!


The Loosli Family had to be in Denver Colorado that next morning to begin a marathon month celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Parks! Camping along the way! They packed in the kids and pulled a small trailer with a camp stove, sleeping bags and coolers full of food behind their mini van. Wish I’d have taken a picture! Darn!
Jonah and Aja and their five thought they had to drive their two G wagons through the desert to catch a plane in CA for Hawaii on July 26. As it turned out, much to everyone’s enormous relief, they were able to change their tickets to fly out of SLC. Driving through that desert with all those kids at 110 degrees at the height of a sizzling summer….without air conditioning in one of the cars just didn’t sound appealing! We were all so relieved! No picture of their fancy cars that run on vegetable oil but here they are heading for home at the airport.


Noah and Kristi packed up their Sprinter and headed for a Doctor appointment for Kristi in CA on the 26th! We are all delighted about that family expecting baby #6 in late November! Kristi doesn’t have easy pregnancies so we were so proud of them for going for it again!

They took the “Repenting Bench” with them, which Noah had won in the family auction many years ago with them. Noah deserved it, since he spent so much time there as a child!  :)  It fit nicely in the back of their awesome vehicle! See it back there along with Kristi’s carefully marked drawers for each child?  Great idea! They had just been all the way across that country in that big guy. Four of their kids sang in three performances in Washington D.C. with an incredible local CA Children’s Choir. 


Cousins bid a fond farewell. These two were born just a few days apart, one in NYC and the other in CA! 


Josh and Jeff went back to their jobs and the rest of us put our minds to cleaning up and clearing clutter! Everyone helped!


Anita and Julie helped me created an organizational miracle in the garage:


And we had so much fun with the “leftover” people.  There was an “Orange Sky” meeting. More on that in future years….(Sorry about the poor quality on some of these pics…they refuse to be edited).


There was a leftover letter to Moses from Sweet Claire who is as baby crazy as her mother!


We had some great food created with the remains of a wonderful three weeks of fabulous meals including Chicken Tikka Masala, Julie’s specialty! Finally we moved out and left the house to the renters for the rest of the summer.

The last few families moved on to BCRANK (Beaver Creek Ranch at Narnia Canyon) in Park City and we had some fun there for a few days before everybody left to go back to the real world! Dean really liked the Kiddie Spa!


And then it was goodbye! I love this picture! Free ride for Zara with Dean snuggled in Julie’s backpack ahead. These two are pros at traveling with pre-schoolers. At this moment they are in Europe, visiting the Eyres in Switzerland and stopping by at Lake Como in Italy since it was “on the way” home.

Saydi was the last to go. Courageously she loaded the four Shumway kids in their mini-van and drove them singlehandedly (Jeff had to go back to work) across the country. They had a grand adventure which I hope she will post soon on her blog at Just as a little preview she said her favorite night was staying in a little covered wagon on the Praire with thunder and lightning and so much wind that she thought they were going to blow over. She claimed it was the best time ever and thoroughly exhilarating!

Meanwhile, all was clean and quiet at the lake…for a day at least until renters arrive!


And we leave behind another summer of priceless memories!


….until next year!

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How wonderful. Love all the challenging adventures with arrivals and departures.