Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Blessed Family and a Baby Blessing in Texas


Many years ago, I bought this little blessing outfit at Harrod’s in London with the hope that all our little grandsons might be blessed in it! Although we’ve missed a few of the 14 grandsons we’ve had blessed so far, I have managed to get this to all the baby blessings we have attended.
So we left our little reunion in NYC and flew to Dallas,Texas where Ian’s parents have lived for over 20 years; so it was the Wright family’s turn to oogle over this baby and congregate for the blessing of a remarkable little baby boy!

This baby has the most incredible array of expressions! He always looks as though he just wants to open his mouth and talk so he can tell us where he came from!




And how scary it was on the way….


And how happy he is that he got to have his terrific parents:


So little Moses Thames Eyre Wright was officially given his name and a very special Father’s blessing by his fabulous father Ian, assisted by two grandfathers, two brothers and a brother in law. It was a very special moment in time for Baby Moses and all of us who were there!

This brother below and his wife and four children flew from Ohio. Two sisters and a brother-in-law also came from Provo. Another brother and his pregnant wife are living with the Wrights while he goes to dental school. And the oldest brother is living in Europe.


You can tell how much this little guy loves being with his Grandparents! Ha Ha!

Moses with Grandparents

A fun few hours were enjoyed together before Rick and I took off for home. The Wrights are a  stellar family full of bright minds and great souls!


Happy Day! A new baby brings such joy! (Selfies make the person in front look so big!)

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