Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From the Goo Goo Dolls to the Oakland Temple!

When it comes to seeing the inside the sublime new Eccles Theatre in walking distance from our downtown condo in SLC, we decided to go to whatever was playing there on a night we happened to be in town. It turned out to be The Goo Goo Dolls! I don’t have anything against hard rock but man, did I have a headache by the time we left. Still it was worth it!  We loved the new spectacular theatre in downtown SLC!


The Giant screen in the lobby is pretty amazing!


Taking advantage of every day that we were home, we talked the Looslis into coming to a Jazz Game with us.  The cheap seats in the nosebleed section and the free hot dogs that went along with them made a really fun evening!


Soon after that, Grandfather traveled to Ogden to get Ashton’s input on a new book he is writing for teenagers and they talked about it over a burger. Since Ashton is the Burger King, he managed to
down this whole crazy thing!

That actually doesn’t do this burger justice.Let’s take a closer look:  Oooow!


After a beautiful Sunday morning at the Tab Choir….


….we headed for Oakland to do a fireside (that's a funny Mormon name for a speech) at the Oakland Temple auditorium. Our dear friends Brent and Esther Jane Ward are the directors of the Visitor’s Center there and are doing a magnificent job of getting people there to view that amazing Visitor’s Center!

About 800 wonderful people joined us for a fun discussion there about Raising Responsible Children and Saving Them  from the Entitlement Trap. So many old friends, Sister Missionaries working at the Center, Joy School moms past and present and in-law relatives joined us afterward at the Visitor’s Center!


It was such a thrill to be able to play in a violin trio with friends that I used to play with when we were young mothers which included Esther Jane and darling Cherlyn Hart with a dear friend, Cecile Linford accompanying us. It was a pay day evening filled with such a sweet spirit!

Esther Jane had arranged for a splendid collection of gorgeous art pieces for an art show at the center which included paper cut masterpieces from Emily Snow. To see more of her amazing and unique work go to emilykingart.com. So many accomplished Mormon artists were represented!


This one of Mary and Elizabeth is by the incredible Brian Kershisnik.


And this delightful piece done by Cherlyn called, A letter from Grandma is a treasure!


And more incredible paper cuts and a gorgeous rendition of the Oakland Temple:


Thanks to Brent and Eddy and lots of great helpers, it was a night we'll never forget! 

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