Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Baby Faith Campbell Eyre

There's nothing like bringing a new baby into the world to make the holidays feel like magic! On November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, this little cherub popped in to the Noah and Kristi family to say hi! Meet Faith Campbell Eyre just a few minutes after birth with a wonderful doctor. This is his 10,599th birth (not a typo)! You gotta love this man! Just look at those wonderful faces! 

This is Noah and Kristi's Number 6! Count them!  Little Bennett on the lower right may seem uninterested but as you will see below, he was not!

As you can see, the kids adore this child!

Bless their hearts, Kristi's parents had been there since the night before Faith was born and were still there when we arrived on December 8th. After we cuddled that baby and played with the kids for a while we headed for Palm Springs where we gave a speech for a group of good parents at an beautiful golf club there. After coming from snow and cold, this was incredible!

And then it was back to Orange County and that great little family where we got to see Lyla's singing and dancing performance with this cute group of girls:

When this singing group performed at an assisted living center, Lyla was the only one who dared to go and chat with the residents. She's is an incredibly sensitive and compassionate little soul. 
I love this picture! 

We had so much fun watching McKay, Cubby and Bennett in tennis lessons and Mckay and Lyla in their piano lessons and Noah coaching both McKay and Cubby's basketball teams! It's like a replay of old times at our house! 

This picture from Instagram just made our visit complete. We love these great men who donate their time to teach their kids about things that they love!  Look at that assistant coach too!  

Love to those deliberate moms too who do all the behind the scenes stuff to make this happen as well as a myriads of other things. Not to mention their Herculean efforts to bring these beautiful children into the world!  


charity eyre wright said...

love this!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess Noah and Kristi are ahead in the kid-having contest. Six. Wow. Unbelievable.