Friday, October 5, 2018

Fun Retreat with Couples Dedicated to Family

On Saturday, September 29th, we had the privilege of welcoming 50 dedicated parenting partners to our home for an all day conference of people from Saren’s family. Saren has created an incredible curriculum which involves instructions and discussion about how to create family systems that work for  individual families! She did a fabulous of encouraging, including and inspiring those committed couples. It was a JOY to have Noah and Kristi there for the morning sessions to add their terrific ideas and good humor and to have Saydi there for the afternoon session to add her creative and honest insights and ideas to those who attended!  

Richard and I were delighted to be part of this great event and to meet so many good parents who were there to get ideas for deliberate plans to set up family systems for the future of their families. Most had pre-schoolers, elementary and middle school age children, but some had teenagers, which added a deeper dimension. In leading one of the discussion groups about setting up a family economy, I found it interesting to see that many came from parents with vastly different economic backgrounds and ways of dealing with money. Each set of parents were dedicated to taking the good things and getting rid of the bad things they learned as children to create new best practices for their own children. 

I was such a fun day!  Thank goodness for the loving and dedicated parents of the world! 

IMG 6293

It’s a gorgeous time to have a retreat just as the kids have gotten back in school. The scenery out our windows is spectacular, which was enjoyed by all! 

IMG 6298


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