Saturday, December 8, 2007

Adorable Grandchildren!

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and two Prince Charmings!

Watching the party!

How can it be two years since McKay was born?

Just couldn't resist sending these pictures of our adorable grandchildren! We got to be here for McKay's cute little second birthday party as well as having a great time with Ana, Elsie, Hazel and Charlie! How lucky are we to have these cherubs?
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Shawni said...

Great stuff, Mom. I'm so sad we couldn't be there, but at least we can see it through pictures. I LOVE YOU!!

Jonah and Aja said...

great job on getting these posted. mom is the greatest. she was sitting there at one-o-clock in the morning on the ottoman with her little cc computer resting on the hide-a-bed in noah and kristis amazing apt. to keep us all informed. i wish i had a picture of that to post. are the best.

Eli said...

mom. you are becoming the most amazing blogger in the family. i don't even have to show you how to do it any more. all of the sudden there are just up and looking beauty. that was an awesome. mom you really are one incredibly amazing woman. i wish i got to see you more. its ok though cause anything for mitt.