Monday, January 28, 2008


  I never would have believed a few years ago that we would be in Tasmania today...the very tip of Australia...nothing but 2000 miles of ocean between here and Antarctica (Saren tell, Ashton!) 2008-01-27 2008-01-28  Hobart,Tasmania 305

Today we went to Port Arthur which is where 67,000 convicts were sent, mostly from England in the 1800s including 3000 young boys.  Many were there for stealing a silk handkerchief or something to save them from starvation. They spent most of their lives there building this whole Island. 

2008-01-27 2008-01-28  Hobart,Tasmania 319

Here's the penitentiary where they stayed and were either whipped or sent to solitary confinement.  I guess some of them were pretty bad but really!  When they died they were buried on a small Island called The Island of the Dead!  Sad!

Here is a Tasmanian least a picture of one!  We haven't seen a live one yet because it cost $50 to get in a see them get fed. We'll wait until we get to the zoo.  Apparently the name came from the horrible sound they make at night.  Ther are SO cute! 

2008-01-27 2008-01-28  Hobart,Tasmania 308

Who would have thought that one of the most amazing things we have found here is a fabulous bed and breakfast.  Two guys who have been partners for 23 years have created an amazing place...restoring an old house and building a "new" gardner's cottage where we are staying from timbers hand hewn by convicts.  The only thing better than the houses is the gardens. It is truly incredible!  2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 244

2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 224

2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 235 2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 226 2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 249

2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 255  2008-01-26 2008-01-20 Hobart, Tasmania 243 Too many fabulous pictures to send!  Gotta go to dinner!  Shucks!

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