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Hong Kong and Shenzhen

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As much as anybody wants to say about the "turnover" of Hong Kong from
English to Chinese rule, the good people of Hong Kong still don't think
of themselves as living in China! We made it to our session last night
with half an hour to spare and had such a nice time with a bunch of very
young parents in EO at a beautiful club in Hong Kong. All the women at
our table were pregnant with their first child. Two of them are with us
in the first picture. Compared to the big groups of 70, 80 and 90 in
Australia, this group and the one we did today in Shenzhen are much
smaller which is also really fun.
We learned a lot more about the one
child policy and how it has evolved. That restriction doesn't apply to
Hong Kong and if both parents came from the "one child Policy" in China,
they can have two. Also if the first child is a girl they can try again.
There are already some pretty serious ramifications from that one
child from the "one child policy" being the center of two parents and
four grandparents' lives and being really spoiled. We also learned that the
Chinese vocabulary is so complicated that there are different names for
each grandparent according to which parent they belong to (similar to
Sweden) and there are different names for uncles according to where they
stand in the family...there are names for old uncles and young uncles.
The most fascinating thing of the night was the fact that we happened to
mention that we are Christian and afterward, the cute Chapter President
for next year who owns a company that supplies most of the fish for fish
sticks in the world, told me that she and her husband are Christians
also and that they are able to "preach the gospel and teach
Christianity" quietly to about 3000 of their workers at a time. She said
they had to be careful but that people are so receptive. She said almost
all are immediately converted. She said she thinks that they are so
successful because there is such a void of religion and the faith is
what they yearn for...all over China. Hmmm...
This morning we woke up to this view from our window and groups of
people standing on the playing fields below looking like statues, but
actually doing their exercises! Our host Harrish (India) took us to
"The Peak" in Hong
Kong to see that the few little shanty shops at the top where we viewed
a very polluted Hong Kong four years ago has turned into an enormous
modern glass and steel mall with restaurants and even a pre-school for
workers and residents that overlooks a still very polluted Hong Kong!
After going to Harrish's home to pick up his wife and meeting his cute
13 year old daughter we drove about an hour and then across a new
enormous bridge where we entered China. There was a pretty elaborate
border control going out and 50 yards further, going in. The Shenzhen
Crowne Plaza where we are now is quite a hotel! It's enormous and is
directly across the street from something called Windows to the
World...kind of a Disney land our balcony looks out on "the
Eiffel Tower, the Arch de'Truimph and a huge world globe. .as well as a
cultural park that includes displays of an demonstration of Old China.
We had a lovely group of parents in a small new chapter of YPO this
afternoon in a 3 1/2 hour workshop. So many great parents and just
really good people! After our session (see picture) and an amazing
buffet, we saw a Las Vegas-esque show of Chinese culture and costumes
that made us think we have really got a treat in store for the opening
ceremonies of the 2008 Olypmics in Beijing. The show was nothing short
of spectacular!
We're off to Shanghai in the morning! The food was great in Australia
but it is to die for here! I've got to quit eating! We sure miss you
and LOVE reading your blogs! Thanks for keeping us updated you moms!
Isn't Charity awesome? The letters are such a joy! Thanks for
the pics Eli and Shawni!!!
We'll be home a week from tomorrow and will keep you updated as we go
along. It's a good way to have a permanent record of this
life-changing experience!
We sure love ya'll,
P.S. The most important thing is that "Rickey" gets a little nap before
we present every time. He sure is fun to work with...naps and all! I"ll
never get how he can just drop off at any given moment and wake up
feeling great! It's in the genes I guess!

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