Monday, June 9, 2008

Halcyon Days

Dad insists that even though we have our hands full here, we are having halcyon days (def: happy; joyful; carefree).  True we have had two weeks without any big commitments so I have plunged into sorting out drawers and closets and figuring out how to move some things up to the new house without it being too disruptive to dad.  We are really having a wonderful time just sorting, moving, watching B-ball games and tennis (French Open).  Dad writes like a banshee for two hours in the morning and then starts watching. I look up once in a while from my "organizing" and enjoy filling in for Eli a bit on the sports scene since he's on to bigger and better and hotter things! 

It was so nice to have time to heal from this accident without a lot of pressure.  We did do our first speech up in Oregon on Saturday night where we had an unusually terrific group!  We flew home on Sunday, set up the neighborhood parenting series for our new calling and then did a five series little thing for Good Things Utah this morning.  Two of the interns were Joy School graduates so we had them come with us for the segment tomorrow.  We hope it gets some people thinking about Joy School for the fall, even though Angie, one of the hosts kept saying, "so get started with your Joy School this summer!"  She was trying to be helpful and I'm sure people will figure it out!

We are so thrilled to hear from the New York contingent and to know that Julie and Eli are doing splendidly in their new surroundings. It's so great that Julie is able to do some temp work and Eli seems to really be enjoying working with Noah and having Tal to hang out with on weekends, all centering at Noah and kristi's apartment!  They are just diving into remodeling their bathroom. Good luck you guys! 

Can you believe our little Sister Eyre is suddenly a Trainer!  I can!  She will be fabulous!  I know there's more to it than I know and that the responsibility is enormous, but she's going to be GREAT!  Wow, Charity, your mission president must have so much faith in you! 

We have actually had time to have dinner with friends here and there.  We are meeting the Woolleys tonight and Elder Perry and Barbara may be coming up to the house tomorrow night for dinner and a little chat.  Next Wednesday we are doing Inklings with a new, larger group that will be fun.  Anybody got any great ideas for a fun dessert for about 25?

I'm going to Gilbert on Wednesday to be with those fun Pothiers!  We've been to St. George several times since we've been to Gilbert and we'll be seeing our New York group the last week of June and our Boston the week after that when they come out for the reunion.

Speaking of reunion, looks like Jeff has a chance to go to Africa with his work which is something that just came up and he can't miss. Unfortunately it is right at the time of the reunion. Hopefully he'll be able to join us afterward to fill us in on all he's learned.  We'll get detailed dates on that soon. Hope many of your can stay for that last week of July.  We'll also be missing Julie for part of the reunion because her brother is getting married on Thursday/Friday of that week in San Diego!  She'll join us for Saturday and Sunday and then MFME but she will be sorely missed.  Eli would love to go to the wedding too but the flights are just too darn expensive so I guess he's stuck with us again!!! 

We're headed for Chris and Hedy's farewell with Grandma on Saturday, coming back on Sunday night. It will be so fun to see all their family again!  They will be wonderful mission parents! 

Only four more weeks and we'll be beginning to congregate. Halleluia!  I'm taking the cast off my hand in one more week. They told me that I'd never win a beauty contest with my crunched up hand at the hospital but it's not looking too bad!  Plus all the other scabs have fallen off and I can almost roll over in bed! 

Love ya'll,


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Shawni said...

Mom, I'm going through withdrawls. Sure love you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for coming.