Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth and "The Troops"

Another Fourth of July has come and gone again!  Dad and I had a great time listening to the Patriotic Program at the Paris Tabernacle and watching the parade and the Kids' Rodeo. You wouldn't believe the little four year olds doing the barrel racing (at a turtle pace...but they made it!)  On Sunday we witnessed the baby blessings of Lucymae Zina Evans and Clark Paul Cundick. Beautiful babies and fabulous parents.  Forgot to take pictures!  Sorry!

These pictures will have to be worth a thousand words because all the kids are here and we're gearing up to leave for Bear Lake for the rest of the month!  Hoorah!

2005--07-08  grandkids 011



2005--07-08  grandkids 015

2005--07-08  grandkids 013

2005--07-08  grandkids 001

  2005--07-08  grandkids 006

2005--07-08  grandkids 019

2005--07-08  grandkids 020

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