Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Jackson and Gorgeous St. George

For the second year in a row we have had the privilege of speaking to parents and people who deal with children in Jackson, Wyoming. A handful of wonderful women who represented various churches in the Jackson area have organized themselves into a committee called "Our Common Cause" They are dedicated to building the good will of the community through educational seminars and Christmas projects. It was an absolutely perfect time of year to visit that incredibly gorgeous spot on earth in this season of the year so we are doubly grateful for the opportunity to meet with loyal, dedicated parents, spouses and partners who all want to improve their skills and do a better job as they raise children...our world's most important resource!

Below you'll find pictures of our wonderful experience there which included a three hour float down the Snake River at the peak of autumn:

2008-10-03 064

The Tetons enhanced by the splendor of fall.

2008-10-03 0842008-10-03 099

Our rubber boat and one of several bald eagles

2008-10-03 103

Autumn leaves, sunlight and water make for a unforgettable journey.

2008-10-03 107

Heroic members of "Our Common Cause"

Next it was unpack quick and pack up again for St. George for a week to take care of the Loosli kids while Saren and Jared went on their second honeymoon to Cancun. I flew down at about 9 p.m. and I'm having so much fun with these kids! Dad brought the horses and a new couch for Kolob down today. It is equally spectacular here in a totally different way. It's been raining which illuminates the already spectacular scenery!

I came after the kids were in bed so the next morning I was awakened by a cute little tribe complete with Firehead the snake and Spike the horny toad. I have to say that they're pretty incredible! The kids were excited that they just climbed right on top of grandma's old dresser. I'm not sure why. Eliza used the stool but the twins just went up the front just like it was a latter. The next thing I knew Ashton was swinging from one of the doors. The fun just never ends around here!

Yesterday the kids were in and out watching conference with me and I had brought some swedish fish for rewards when they told me the name of the prophet, the first presidency etc. Silas, of course noticed that I hid them on top of the fridge in the pantry. I found him about an hour later in on the potty. He looked up at me with a matter of fact grin and said, "I ate all your fish and now I think they're coming out the bottom!" What funny guys! They are laugh a minute! Sure am having fun. Conference was wonderful. I especially loved President Monson's quote that went something like ,"We all have our gardens of abundance as well as ones of non-abundance. What makes the difference is which one we care for." LOVED that thought as well as so many others.

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 022 Climbing the dresser

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 025 What is it about boys and climbing/hanging?2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 027

Firehead the snake just after a tasty lunch of fresh mouse!

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 026 Elsie hopped right into Isaac's bed with her sippy cup while we watched the snake eat the mouse.

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 029 Already ready for Halloween!

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