Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun in Jakarta

Wow, what a city!  Jakarta has about the same population as NYC.  It was so fun to be with a group of people today brought together by the Indonesian version of Parenting Magazine (see details in on the Valuesparenting blog).  We had so much fun with about 100 women and 6 men just learning from each other!

Afterward we hired a car from our wonderful hotel (Four Seasons) and drove to the furniture district.  It was fun just to drive through the city and we found that the furniture we have is better than anything that we saw.  We did find absolutely amazing furniture and sculptures created from giant roots from teak trees. Some of the roots were from trees that were a thousand years old!  Here are some of our favorites (although I talked Dad out of buying any...more stuff)!

2008-10-31 jakarta 3380 A lounge chair.  Dad REALLY wants this but it weighs about 800 pounds.


2008-10-31 jakarta 3387

This guy was AMAZING!  Keep in mind that it's all ONE root! 2008-10-31 jakarta 3386 2008-10-31 jakarta 3375 The first McDonalds we've seen since we left home.  See the Krispi Creme sign in the background?

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Shawni said...

How in the world did you talk Dad out of that stuff? That's totally his cup of tea. But he has SO many of his "cups of tea" I think he'll survive. Miss you guys. I wish I could call you!