Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guys' Cruise

Wow are we lucky or what?   In April we had the rare priviledge of having three of four daughters on a cruise and now in October we had the fun of having all our sons!  It was a bit of a crazy situation as we had many people who had signed up to travel with us (both were speaking cruises) up to a year ago, we never saw.  How weird it this?  They oversold the cruise so we had to go on a different Carnival cruise ship with 11 of the overflow people which we were suddenly the Cruise Directors for!  It was so fun, but we're worried about the people who thought they were going with us.

The trip was not without other glitches as we couldn't get into Roatan because they were having riots in the streets due to a huge increase in electrical costs and then a tropical storm was due to hit Belize just as we arrived there so we turned around and went back to see Chichan Itza, a place we're always wanted to see! 

Anyway, a great time was had by all. We celebrated Dad's birthday a little early with a fabulous chorus of Jamaicans who sang a new Pizzazy Happy Birthday to dad after dinner one night. Tal couldn't join us until the last three days but it was so fun to have him with us every minute we got!  We treasured every minute with our great Eyre guys and appreciated three wives who had to live without their husbands for a whole week.  Who knows when we'll ever have that opportunity again???

Since pictures are worth a thousand words here are a few: 

IMG_3046 IMG_3069 IMG_3083  IMG_3073 IMG_3095 2008-10-17 Cruise 160

2008-10-17 Cruise 188 2008-10-17 Cruise 1792008-10-17 Cruise 212 2008-10-17 Cruise 158

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Jonah and Aja said...

thanks for posting these mom so aja could see them. i didn't have my camera so every one is great for her to be able to see so that i can rub it in.