Sunday, November 9, 2008

Swingin' Singapore

2008-11-09 Singapore 3865 Wow is Singapore is fun place to visit!  Not as exotic as Bali, new to us as Vietnam or Muslim World as Jakarta but a whole new place to learn from!  I already sent pictures via email but I'll include a few more here for the records.  Our hosts here wonderful and we had the most amazing group of International parents imaginable!  Even though there is no place on earth I would rather be than with Saydi and Jeff right now, we're making the best of it!  It's the rainy season here and we have heard two thunder and lightning storms to die for (no pun intended).  I thought our hotel was going down the first night.  It was pretty clear yesterday as you will see even though it was pretty wet waiting for a taxi after church and today it's coming down in torrents again!  I don't know how this area of the earth can possibly soak up that much rain.  Of course the farmers in Bali were thrilled and I'm sure putting out extra offerings for the rain gods!

This city amazingly succinct.  It covers only 3 square miles but it sure packs in a lot!  Note the Christmas decorations all up in the lobby.  We're at the Raffles Town Club which is an offshoot of the famous Raffles Hotel downtown.  Fabulous place with great service!


2008-11-07 Singapore 3845

Part of our very International YPO group at the Hotel

2008-11-08 Singapore 3859

Schedule of Events at our hotel.  Pretty amusing.  How would you like to be a concert musician named Funhouse? 

2008-11-07 Singapore 3847

 2008-11-09 Singapore 3861

Shoot, we missed this fish head curry!  Eli says that it's the best thing ever!

2008-11-09 Singapore 3863

These were the wonderful musicians from a concert at a museum exhibition called East Meets West.  Aja and Charity, you would have especially loved this wild bamboo instrument!  2008-11-09 Singapore 3879 2008-11-09 Singapore 3876 Fun on the Singapore Flyer...similar to the London Eye only 15 meters higher!

2008-11-09 Singapore 3885

2008-11-09 Singapore 38882008-11-09 Singapore 3894   2008-11-09 Singapore 3904 2008-11-09 Singapore 3917 Note the floating soccer field on the right.  There's a huge stadium just to the side of it!  Sorry I can't make this bigger like Shawni does. I've gotta fix that sometime soon!

2008-11-09 Singapore 3866 That dad is ALWAYS teaching (and doesn't know that it's rude to point your finger in Asia)! 

2008-11-09 Singapore 3923 Even Asia celebrates Halloween...sort of..and it lasts until November 9th!  This is a huge pumpkin set up where the Flyer is.

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