Friday, December 26, 2008

An Arizona Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Wellesley/Narnia/Christmas!

2008-12-18 christmas at Pothiers 4562

There are even reindeer on Augusta Way:

2008-12-18 christmas at Pothiers 4569

I have to say that we were very happy to leave the freezing cold and tons of snow and get to sunny kind of warm Arizona!  What joy to join our great family and Josh there!  First things first: Girls' Night Out to the Nutcracker!

2008-12-20 christmas at Pothiers 4573

Wow did we have fun with those kids over the holidays. We enjoyed everything from back rubs on the stairs to wonderful food in the days before Christmas.  2008-12-21 christmas at Pothiers 4576

2008-12-21 christmas at Pothiers 4579

The kids' piano recital was fantastic. They performed at a Senior Living Center where the kids had an appreciative audience besides just their parents and the senior seemed to love it too.  One of Dave and Shawni's friends who is in their bishopric and a great jokester said that he saw dad falling asleep and was afraid that someone would come and wheel him away!  The best part for me was that when we went around to talk to the cute folks afterward I was admiring their nice place to live and two ladies warned me that I wouldn't be allowed to come until I was fifty and then they complemented my on my children's fine performance.  I was elated until I realized that they probably couldn't see me! 

Much to our delight Jonah and Aja popped in on Christmas Eve Eve and we had so much fun eating, playing games and watching the kids love playing together.  Dumb, I didn't take one picture...but I'm sure Shawni did!

It was the newlyweds' first Christmas and Julie's first Christmas away from home. The kids loved having them around and I think they had a pretty good time too!

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4593

Charity sent everyone Christmas Crackers which we had a great time with at our Christmas Eve dinner. We loved her loving notes and the great crowns and fabulous English chocolate and treats!  Another cracker party coming at Baliwood next week for the rest of the comer-homers!

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4597

Dinner included a great talk about Mary's trip to Bethlehem that night (there's more than one right  way to do a Jerusalem Supper...and I have to say the food was better!)

A talent show ensued

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4603

Of course we all loved nativity play, which grandfather narrated in Grandma Ruthie's absence.  The costumes were perfect...thanks to Saren's great sewing skills and perfect wardrobe planning! 

O2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4606

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4611 

Great acting this year and a great time was had by all until a little lamb  (Lucy) stole the baby Jesus.  Havoc broke loose until we traded him for a toy dog!

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4629

Christmas morning was wild and so much fun with all those kids!!!

2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4640

With Grandfather happily looking on...

 2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4627 2008-12-24 christmas at Pothiers 4643

Needless to say, this was a Christmas to remember forever!  It was our first to be as someone else's house to enjoy the grandkids in their own environment and I must admit that it was pretty cushy! We still stayed up until after midnight but we got to watch that crazy Christmas Story while we worked. So fun! 

Yesterday, Bob and Marva came for breakfast and then we went to their house and enjoyed a lovely dinner and conversation with that great family. They have left us in the dust on grandchildren...32!  How blessed we are to be almost related!

A great highlight was talking to Charity for a whole hour!  Thanks to Noah we all got on phones and took our few minutes to talk to our great missionary!  We are praying mightily for Julian to be baptized tomorrow!  What a great joy the gospel of Jesus Christ is to us, especially at this season of joy and peace!

Love to all and profuse thanks to Shawni and Dave and those adorable Pothiers for spoiling us!  (And a special thanks to Josh for the airport runs, for taking care of Julie and Eli AND for teaching me how to make my blog pictures BIG!) 

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utsoccermom said...

I love reading your family blog!! Your are so lucky to have such a great family. I ran into your daughter Charity's mission blog when my son received his mission call to ELSM. We loved reading it until it went private. Girls always write so much more! My son, Elder Kyle Warner is the DL in his district and in his email today was so excited that they have added the Reading sister missionaries to his district. He named Sister Eyre and Sister Higbee. This must be your daughter! What a great conection. His blog is if you ever want to take a look at it. Let me warn you, my elder writes very little so we have to cling to every tidbit we receive. Enjoy your family and missionary!
Kathy Warner (Ogden)