Monday, March 30, 2009

70 Year Old Furniture


You won't believe what Saren and Jonah did to Grandma and Grampa J's old dresser and dressing table!  I forgot to get pictures of the dressing table down in Ashton and Isaac's room, but here is the dresser, completely refinished with lots of TLC.  My mom and dad were proud owners of this about seventy years ago!  On the back is says "Montgomery Ward Catalogue".


2009 March 26 Mom's Dresser 001

2009 March 26 Mom's Dresser 004

How many times their hands (and other's hands ie Trina and family) opened this dresser, who knows!  So glad to have it back to "better than new"! Hooray for Jonah and Saren!

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shawni said...

even just the picture brings back so many memories for me of playing dress-ups at Grandma's and having those dressers around. I wish they still made good quality furniture like that.