Thursday, June 4, 2009

Americans in Paris!

Wow, could we be having more fun???  The tennis was so great yesterday. We got to see some old-timers…Nastase and LaConte who kept the audience in stitches the whole time with their funny comments and even Mcenroe and Wilander.

2009-06--02 Paris 057

2009-06--02 Paris 063

2009-06--02 Paris 073

We could have reached out and touched them on Court 1 with Dad’s Press Pass!

Then we saw the great matches of the day which included a great match between Montfils and Federer on Center Court!

2009-06--02 Paris 090

2009-06--02 Paris 083

What a great crowd! This guy is unbeatable…especially with Nadal gone!  The audience was electric!

2009-06--02 Paris 100

After a great day of tennis, we still have the day ahead of us since it doesn’t get dark until about 11 p.m.


2009-06--02 Paris 007

Notre Dame…beautiful as always!

2009-06--02 Paris 017


2009-06--02 Paris 105

Arc de Triumph!

2009-06--02 Paris 029

Sacre Coeur, which I had never seen!  Ahhh Paris!

2009-06--02 Paris 035


bostonshumways said...

oh man guys, that looks so fun. I wish I was there! Be safe!

lostinlearning said...

wow that is just so great. happy to hear you are having so much fun. sure love you guys, Eva and family