Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ancient York!

I just love being places I’ve never been before, so seeing York was sheer delight!  I wish I knew how to post the bells peeling out on the The Minster…the oldest Cathedral in England just as we pulled into York at 5 p.m.  Maybe Eli can help me with that when we get home.

York started at the time of this Roman column in 57 A.D. 2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 058

The Minster is absolutely spectacular:

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 041


2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 053

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 048

After finding this terrific hotel, literally forty yards across the street from the Cathedral, we grabbed some fish and chips and went to The Shambles which is a world famous street, 36 inches wide. It was built in Mideval times with the houses close enough together so that the sun couldn’t shine down and ruin the meat that was hanging out on hooks on the street.


2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 043

This is our little black, square-backed car. It’s a KIA and we like it!

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 069

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 064

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 073

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 077 

We were so lucky to run into a performance at the Cathedral that night of Sampson by Handel. He started on it two weeks after he finished the Messiah. It was four soloists with chorus and orchestra and so much fun to hear in the echoing chambers of that Knave in the Cathedral.  Serendipity!

2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 083 

We had to leave a bit early to catch the last boat down the Ouse River that runs through the town and on and on:


2009-06-18  Lake Dist and York 086

This morning we woke to the wildest pealing of bells that we have every heard which lasted for a whole hour and heralded the start of Father’s Day!   Dad got all the great messages from the kids and was so delighted.

It was an annual “biker’s service” at the Cathedral. We’re not sure of the details but there sure were a lot of bikers!

2009-06-18 York,Dowsby,Cambridge 001

This was taken literally from the front door of our hotel! York has definitely become one of our favorite places in England!

2009-06-18 York,Dowsby,Cambridge 020 

We found a lovely stake center within 10 minutes of our hotel and enjoyed sacrament meeting and a lot of wonderful Saints there.  Then it was oof to Dowsby!

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the roots said...

Hey, Eli here. Looks beautiful! Did you know that "the Shambles" is the street that inspired JK Rowling's Diagon Alley in Harry Potter? That is such a beautiful town. When we were there, Mike and I took a wrong turn and got back to the bus 45 minutes late while everyone had to wait like 35 minutes.