Monday, June 15, 2009

England or BUST!

We had a lovely ride through more spectacular scenery on our way back to our train in Zurich. Most pictures have been taken through the car windows at about 60mph:

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 014

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 022

We had a wild time trying to get back to Zurich to catch a train but despite a crazy traffic jam and impossible parking, we found a little hotel directly behind the train station where we were to catch a train to France at 7 a.m. the next morning.

 2009-06-12 Zurich and England 034

Old cathedral in Zurich.

Dad was so excited because we got to go on a train (at a crazy price…$500 from Zurich to Paris in 4 hours). 

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 046

To a plane from the beautiful Paris to our beloved London..

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 052

We rented a car…got a few pounds from a cash machine (dollars just aren’t worth much)…and headed for the temple:

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 061

Where we also found one of our favorite buildings in England…the manor house…

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 062

AND to our delight…the mission office, with three elders and a senior sister who were all singing the praises of our Sister Eyre!

2009-06-12 Zurich and England 079

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 075

This was taken last week!   Charity is the one with the red skirt and the black hair!

We had such a fun fireside in London tonight! We stopped to see Anne Chaproniere Doyle and her great family on the way home from the fireside. Pictures will be inserted when they send them to us (I couldn’t find my camera)! 

Missionary reunion coming the next two days!  And lots more about our terrific Sister Eyre!