Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Epsom Ward Anchors!

It was so great to show up at the Epsom Ward on Sunday!  We blessed two babies in this ward and filled the Primary the first time around and young men, young women the second.

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 031

There is was such a joy to and find the families that were baptized by our wonderful office staff while we were there being the absolute anchors of the ward!

The Thurlows…Myra of course, the heroine, and Peter, her husband who joined after long and thorough investigation were both there with their two children Jane and John who were just kids when we were there in 1986 but who now have beautiful teenagers of their own and two missionaries out in the field.  Jane was the gospel doctrines teacher, her husband is in the stake presidency. John was a high councilman and his wife is the Relief Society President and gave a great talk in church. 

Bill and Mary Kersey were there being the cornerstones and David Brain of course was another anchor.  Carol Gray and Joyce Harvey and her daughter Jillian!

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 037


After church we swung by 12 The Ridings

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 046

And were SO lucky to find our dear Colleen at home!

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 048

Since we saw her last, she has had a stroke and a heart attack and although she looked absolutely beautiful, she has certainly been through a lot to get there!

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 049

She was also an anchor of the ward and she filled her car as well as ours to take us to church every week, even though the Ralphs weren’t members.  Matthew and Caroline and doing so well and we had such fun reminiscing about the slumber parties at her house, both when we were there and when we came back to pick up Jonah! 

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Mom, did you guys just sneak in the back to take that second picture at 12 the ridings? nice!