Sunday, June 7, 2009

The French Countryside


Wow, we had the funniest experience yesterday with the GPS in our car that supposed to lead us by the hand through France, Switzerland, England and Ireland.  It kept trying to get us off road and we finally just followed its instructions even though we knew it would be faster to go by way of what we were seeing on the map.  After driving through some of the most amazing country roads, we realized that there were four Dijons in France and we had set it for the wrong one. ALSO it was somehow set to avoid motorways, U turns and toll roads.  Needless to say we could have ended up in the wrong place after a VERY long ride if we hadn’t figured it out. 

Luckily we couldn’t have been happier to be lost. We saw some spectacular French countryside, beautiful homes and great old churches!

2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 029

2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 006  

2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 011

2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 004

2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 012 2009-06--02 Paris Countryside 027

We arrived in the delightful town of Dijon just as it began to rain. We found a cozy hotel and the next morning as happens every morning, Rick went for his morning jog and “cased the joint”.  We found the most delightful bread and cheese for our day’s journey, fabulous flowers and a lovely cathedral where I had a wonderful spiritual lift for the day as I paused to listened to the calming Gregorian chant echoing from somewhere in the wings of that lovely edifice. 

2009-06--06 Dijon and Schmeidrued 002

2009-06--06 Dijon and Schmeidrued 005

The most gigantic and gorgeous lilies I have ever seen!

2009-06--06 Dijon and Schmeidrued 007

We mailed a birthday present to Charity whose birthday is in six days…not without much “ado” trying to find the Post Office when not one person we met spoke one word of English.  Still…so fun!  We loved the dijon mustard on our lunch sandwiches!!!

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Evans Fam said...

Oh the memories...France and Europe are so amazing! Looks like you guys are having a great time! How do I get a Happy Birthday message to Charity?