Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Amazing Hotels

After a good night’s sleep at the Beisleys (Charity’s Ward Mission Leader and his wife who have taken such good care of her) we met their 19 year old daughter, amazingly with Prodder Willey Syndrome, which is in some ways similar to BBS, Sister Beisley took us to the train station and the Stake President and his wife dropped off our car at Avis for us. Grand help all around! 

We got on a train at Paddington station

2009-06-12 miss. reunion and fireside 098

After being greeted by a couple of jolly British Bobbys

2009-06-12 miss. reunion and fireside 101

we spent the afternoon whizzing through the British country side to Scotland!  When we arrived in Scotland, we grabbed a taxi to one of the most amazing hotels we’ve ever stayed in. It had been open for only ten days and was an ultra modern sleek building amidst some of the oldest, most historical building in the United Kingdom!

2009-06-18 Scotland 034


2009-06-18 Scotland 062

Edibourgh Castle was about a block up the hill where they have the Tatoo! Her is the castle with the stands ready for a performance.

2009-06-18 Scotland 037 

The Sir Walter Scott Memorial above and the Royal Bank of Scotland about a hundred yards from the hotel.

2009-06-18 Scotland 054

No matter where we looked in any direction we were surrounded by ancient buildings, blackened by time (and coal burning):

2009-06-18 Scotland 028

I guess it has been pretty controversial but we loved it!

2009-06-18 Scotland 029

Then we entered our hotel which was absolutely alive with color!  Purple, aqua, red, lime green…all my favorite colors! Here is the elevator:

2009-06-18 Scotland 086

and a mirror in the hall:

2009-06-18 Scotland 087

Our room, with a spectacular view was also full of fun:

2009-06-18 Scotland 013 

2009-06-18 Scotland 011 

That night we went to an artist’s speech who had a show at a nearby art gallery. It was photographs and video by such an interesting man who has portayed his feelings about growing up in “The Trouble” in Northern Ireland.

The next morning our YPO hosts took us to our event which was at a fabulous old estate in the countryside of Scotlandon on a 416 acre lot. It was first mentioned in history in 1312.  It has been totally renovated and restored and is called Balbernie House and was at the Firth of Forth in the County Fife!

2009-06-18  Scot and Lake District 011


2009-06-18 Scotland 095

2009-06-18 Scotland 092

This was a pretty spectacular room…with a VIEW!

2009-06-18 Scotland 100

We enjoyed our smoked scottish salmon and cheese and branson pickle sandwiches!

2009-06-18 Scotland 106

AND especially the wonderful, interesting and engaging parents at our three hour seminar and very Scottish dinner that night!

2009-06-18 Scotland 119

One of them brought this very nice Bentley along!

2009-06-18  Scot and Lake District 001

A great time was had by all! 

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eyre blog said...

wow! what a trip. i went to the castle in Edinburgh with some people from the sea trek. so these are very fun for me to see. all these pictures are amazing though you guys.