Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yep, Dad did it!  Yesterday there must have been literally about 30,000 people in a line about a mile (no exaggeration) long, five abreast to get into just watch the Andy Murray match from Henman’s Hill….renamed Murray’s Mound!  It was truly unbelievable.

We left the line and went back to the exit gate, where we realized that people were asked to turn in their tickets as they left.  Without even being prompted, a lovely couple walked up to us and gave us their special passes hung with ribbon around their necks…for Court 1!   Since it was Shawni and Dave’s anniversary, we are saving one for them with their date printed on it…in memory of Dave’s Daring Deed! 

So here we are!

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 049

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 047

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 045

This was “for sure” according to dad, the best match of the day. it was a three setter women’s match with a British girl winning after a truly amazing match (this is the Russian girl she was playing…who was just incredible)!  Of course it was fun to see the British roaring their approval at each point “their girl” won and just so fun to feel the festive atmosphere of one of the most incredible venues on earth!

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 023

We walked into this incredible five set match on one of the outer courts.

And this crowd was watching Ana Ivanovic win a squeeker on one of the outside courts!

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 031 2009-06-23  Wimbledon 052

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 027

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 041

FUN DAY!  Dad was, as always like a kid in a candy store! 

We are staying at Epsom now but are going back down to the Temple tomorrow to do some more temple work and then take the train into London tomorrow to meet with one of the foremost doctors in the world on Lucy’s Syndrome. We are so excited about that too!

Thought you might like to see this:

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 006

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 004

2009-06-23  Wimbledon 008

 2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 061 2009-06-23  Wimbledon 013

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 064

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 027

2009-06-12 Reading and Epsom 065

Ahhh these were the days!  These ARE the days!!!

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