Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eyrealm Reunion 2009

The official reunion started on the night of the 22nd of July with the last of the working dads arriving late that night.  This year, however we had almost everybody for a whole week!  Since July 1st we've had between 15 and 35 every day!  By July 10th we had Shawni with her five, Saren with her five, Saydi with her three and Noah and Kristi with their two with husbands coming and going. Tal and Anita arrived on the 16th and on July 18th we even had our New Zealand family, Jonah and Aja and their three, who arrived straight from their exciting adventure down under. What a happy reunion that was!

Almost everyone hosted friends or family at some point in the month but by the 23rd, everyone but Charity had arrived! This year all 36 of us, 18 adults and 18 children were all together for about 12 hours and it was fabulous!  Everyone helped with the food because it is quite a deal to feed produce about a hundred meals a day for about a week!

There were hero and heroine parents all around and it was such a fun thing to behold!  Since Shawni took approximately 2400 photos and Josh took almost as many, I didn't get much of the actual reunion. I'm hoping for a CD of pictures soon!  But it was most fun imagineable to have everyone there for much of July.

Don't think it was all fun and games though. Kids were working on summer goals, practicing piano, reading books and getting better at tennis. Moms were doing a new exercise routine every morning while kids kept themselves busy.  It was an absolute riot!

Of course, the star was Lucy, who we have all been worried about but doting on. She loved being with the little cousin her age...Elsie so much. Elsie's mom even provided "twin outfits" although they aren't exactly the same size!

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 110

Hundred of hours were spent at the beach, building sand castles by the mile, water skiing, tinkering with new (used) jet skiis as well as learning to wake board and ski on one ski for some of the grandkids. The "Big Mama" was a big hit and kids spent endless hours playing in the water, on the raft and on the tractor!  

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 081

Endless hours were spent slathering kids with sun tan lotion

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 076

And watching tennis matches! (Eli and Julie were the champions again!)

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 077

Of course there was lots of horse ridin' goin' on too!

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 083

2009-08-20 Reunion, Grammie Camp, Charity 096


shawni said...

It sure was amazing. Thanks for making that happen from the bottom of our hearts!

bostonshumways said...

love the pictures mom. you always capture things I miss. thanks so much for ALL the amazing work you did to make the reunion so fun for us all. i miss it already!