Monday, August 3, 2009

Shower Power!

On the night of the 16th of July we journeyed back to Salt Lake from Bear Lake and the morning of the 17th Rick went to Provo to speak at the Imagine Learning Conference in Provo where Noah, Eli and Ben had been all week.

I was glad for a day in Salt Lake to catch up and get ready for the arrival of our newly engaged couple…Tal and Anita!  It was so fun to pick them up at the airport just after midnight and catch up on their wedding plans. 

The next morning, was the Ward Shower.  This is the 9th shower that the wonderful women of our ward have produced for the Eyre family.  What a heroic bunch! 

It was so fun to introduce Anita to so many of the women of our ward and of course they were delighted to meet her as well!

Reception July 18th 002  

Darling Marge (left) is always the organizer and Carol is always right in there with food and support!

Reception July 18th 001

Reception July 18th 006

Reception July 18th 007

Always ready to help are Megan B, Joan C, Carol S and Beverly G!

Reception July 18th 005

Scrumptous food all around!

Reception July 18th 015

Some of our favorite people!

Reception July 18th 011

This was at the home and back garden of Molly W, who is one of our favorite people in the world! 

Reception July 18th 016

Here she is on left with Jeanne, also a dear friend whose daughter just returned last week from a mission in Russia.

Reception July 18th 033

Because I had pleaded with Dad not to wear his grubby shorts to the shower, he and Talmadge showed up about half way through the event in the Smart Car with tuxedos!  That was certainly a fun addition to the party…fun, but pretty hot!

Reception July 18th 021

Our dear neighbors, Kathy and Margie

Reception July 18th 014

Nancy and Louise

Reception July 18th 023

Nick and Lizzie, with whom we shared the shower honors!

At the end of the beautiful morning, we heard from each of the couples who talked about their engagement and their plans for the future.

Reception July 18th 032

While dad land “the ladies” looked on:

Reception July 18th 031

It was a never-to-be forgotten tribute to Anita and Talmadge and the amazing women of our ward!  

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Just_Jennie said...

Oh! I miss everyone there at the MP 17th ward! I wish we were still there. Great pics, and great to see everyone (even in pics) of who I miss! Tell everyone hello for me!