Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Afternoon with Eva

What fun we had on Monday afternoon in Newburyport with Eva and her darling kids.  They have a fabulous new house, which Lubo and Adam have painstakingly painted beautifully!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 008  

The neighbors are so appreciative of the Timothy’s because you can see a little of what they have done by looking at the back of the house which remains to be done! It continues to be a huge job!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 067

Lubo and Stephka (whom we didn’t get to see because they were both working) live in separate quarters in the back. Everyone is so happy!  Though Eva, London and Skye aren’t in this picture, it’s part of the happy group who spent the afternoon together!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 001

Literally across the street was a gorgeous and delightful farm which has become a historical site.  It is full of lovely green fields, knee deep piles of autumn leaves, a spunky horse without an eye, goats, chickens  and beautifully cared for alpacas!  What an afternoon we had soaking in the autumn sun and the sights and smells of New England in the fall. The kids had a ball!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 017

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 040


2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 035

A birthday leaf for Dadley!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 026

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 045

What a place on a perfect autumn day.

These two great moms are also great friends who love to “talk photography”! I am shamelessly putting these unedited pictures on this site, despite the fact that I know our plethora of fabulous photographers are going to be looking in. It’s just the best I can do! 

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 038

This property is on 2 1/2 acres and is simply spectacular!  What a great thing you’ve done Adam and Eva (so sorry we didn’t get to see Adam who was working)! Here we are in their back yard (above and below).

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 039

These two are pretty great friends too and that cute London in the background takes good care of Charlie too! 

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 052

What a great day!  At the end, Eva handed me a CD full of wedding pictures. I got one from Saydi too!  Can’t wait to start on that when we get home.


Sees-the-Day said...

Thanks SO much for coming to see us. It was a pure joy. YOU INSPIRE US ALL. Thanks for ALL you are. Your LIGHT is amazing. I will never forget our fun afternoon and walking down together to the farm across the street from our house. What a DAY!!!!

Sees-the-Day said...

oh one more thing. The amazing Whitney Johnson just posted this on her blog about Lost in Learning:
check it out.


Anita and Tal said...

So fun to see you guys and the house!

shawni said...

Looks like you guys sure had a great time!

Tony said...

Isn't she the greatest!

Glad you could enjoy good ol' New England. I'm reluctant to leave it :)