Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Surprises

What fun Christmas is with a bunch of little kids around!  All the hard work is swept up in the excitement of Santa’s arrival and it just happens!

Singing and Christmas stockings on the stairs


Santa’s stuff neatly stacked for kids to discover


The adults, in new pajamas, are almost as excited as the kids:


An alternate Santa is great to have around to assemble things!



Ashton is pointing to where Tal and Anita are this morning!

It is maybe even more exciting to give than to receive. These kids were adorable giving their gifts to each other. 


We voted Oliver the winner!  Every tiny gift was received with overjoyed enthusiasm…”This is JUST what I wanted” or “How did you know that I needed this?”



Of course there was our traditional fabulous Eggs Benedict which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!



We were opening presents ALL day and into the night:



When we had another fabulous meal…complete with turkey and all the trimmings AND Christmas crackers!



A gorgeous Christmas Day walk through the neighborhood surrounded by those incredible red cliffs was a real highlight!  This is truly one of the most spectacular spots on earth!


That night, as we were watching the first movie in the theatre room on the new blu-ray given to Jared by Saren, Eric our cute caretaker called and said someone was in the house!  He said the Christmas tree lights were on, two pair of boots were by the door and there was a strange car in the driveway. 

Dad was sure someone had broken into our house and that they were having a Christmas party.  In pure panic, he told Eric to keep talking to him on the phone while he went into the house to find out what was going on.  I’m sure with his heart beating fast, Eric crept up the stairs with the phone on his ear because whoever it was, was watching TV up there.  Then Dad heard Eric say “OH, Hi Eli!” 

Those crazy kids have fought their way home via Philly to be there to surprise us when we got home.  Eli was so disappointed when he realized that Dad was on the other end of the phone.  But we assured him that he did INDEED surprise us!  What a GRAND surprise!

SO we had the joy of another Christmas morning yesterday….singing on the stairs and all:


Dad was just dying to give a few extra presents AND to give me a present which he had told me he had gotten at Victoria’s Secret.  I could hardly wait!

I was dumbfounded to pull a new MacBook Pro just like Shawni’s (and I think Kristi’s too)!  GOSH! It is amazing!


PLUS, you’ll never guess what I gave him….a RACLETTE GRILL!  This is in honor of Tal and Anita because we love the Swiss Raclette cheese dinners that can be prepared on this fun little grill.  We can’t wait to share it with you when you come….especially Tal and Anita!

Eli showed me how to compose a song on my new computer last night and we are anxiously awaiting Josh’s arrival tonight so that he can get us organized (although he claims he doesn’t know much about macs.  We’ll be calling Shawni and Kristi if we get stuck)! 

Eli is playing in a basketball tournament tonight. Josh left at 5 a.m. this morning and is driving with his friends to Provo.  Charity is picking him up and meeting us at sushi before we head out for the game. It will be so fun to see all those great kids and parents again.  Bless Jim McMaster! 

Christmas still going here….Hope you are all well and happy!


Sees-the-Day said...

Oh you guys we miss you. I am going to call you right now!!!!

Sees-the-Day said...

i just left you a voice mail. miss you guys. love, us

shawni said...

looks so fun...what a fun surprise to have E there. Sure love you guys and miss you too.

Jelly said...

It's great that you remembered the crackers. I live in the UK & Christmas isn't the same without them & the silly jokes & presents that are inside them! Did you wear the hats?

Happy New Year.

Your blog is great.


Francis said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Everything is picture perfect.
We have the same computer and I agree with you. It is amazing! :)