Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finale in Kuwait!

We arrived in Kuwait last night at 1 a.m. and by the time we got visas and got to the hotel it was 2.  When we woke up this morning this is the site out our window.



All of these buildings are new!  Kuwait has a five billion dollar surplus if you can believe it!  They have a put a ton of money into coming up with all kinds of architecture…traditional as well as truly wild!

There was a science museum across the street from our hotel from which you could see the skyline of Kuwait, though it was a big foggy!



Cute families were walking up and down the esplanade. Darn the mom in her complete burka stepped behind the dad just as I took this picture. Maybe she saw me coming!



Dad particularly loved this old sailing and cargo vessel which was part of the museum.  He especially loved the wooden stakes pounded into the boards and secured with pitch, just like our ironwood planks at Baliwood.



This was one of the exhibits…seems like this would scare little kids to death!


Other than the science museum and an aquarium, about all there is to do in Kuwait is to “go to the mall”. They have five MAJOR malls.  We just couldn’t resist driving to the one below tonight because it was shaped like the titanic (???).  Pretty wild:



It was dark and we were moving pretty fast, but you get the idea!

I just have to put this in especially for Kristi. There is a restaurant in the hotel called “The Rib Eye” which prides itself on being totally country western. They do a great job of educating their customers about Texas.  Dad and I thought this was hilarious thing printed inside the very elaborate menu. If you get it, let us know!


Here’s another one. Sorry the computer can’t figure out that it’s sideways.


Kristi, is this true?  So funny!

We had a small group tonight but bright parents with lots of good ideas.  It was our last of seven presentations so we’re ready to head out in the morning for India to meet Tal and Anita.  We’ll be flying all day and all night tomorrow but Tal and Anita have found us a hotel in Udaipur where we will meet them after spending a few hours in the airport at Mumbai (Bombay) in the middle of the night. We’re SO excited!

We don’t know when we’ll have Internet service again so you’ll probably be happy with a break from us for a while. Going from being shuttled in beautiful cars and luxury accommodations to finding new places every night on our own will be a fun adventure. With Tal and Anita at our side, we’re going to have so much fun! They’re pros!  Hope you’re all well!  Until we find the next Internet connection….we love you!


samandlinds said...

Hey Linda!
This is Lindsay Eyre, and I just wanted to say that in North Carolina people always served Iced Tea instead of water. This isn't very fun when you don't drink Iced Tea and you are very, very thirsty!
Thanks for your blog. We love watching your travels!
We have a blog now:

Love you

Jonah and Aja said...

I get that if you leave the X out of Texas, it spells Teas, but why does it say if you leave the WAITRESS out of Texas. Hmmm?
Great blogs. We love them so much and it is fantastic to get to see these places through your camera and words! Thanks for taking the time to blog!

eyre blog said...

I learned more about Texas food customs from the menus in Kuwait than I did living in Texas for 10 years! these ARE great blogs! what a fascinating world.

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