Friday, March 19, 2010

Never a Dull Moment!

This week we’ve had such a nice plethora of adventures!  How great it was to travel to Logan with Charity to visit Grandma and find Chelsia and Sam, LucyMae and Samantha there!  Grandma, who has been very reluctant to attend the temple with her mindset, did very well and we had a lovely afternoon at the temple!

2010-03-11 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1589

Samantha is adorable and LucyMae takes really good care of her!

2010-03-11 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1592

2010-03-11 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1598

Next we loved a visit by the Looslis who were on their way to the Bull Sale at the Loosli Farm in Ashton.  We got out the dress up clothes from India and Eliza was in Heaven!

2010-03-12 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1602

She took this one home for church!

2010-03-12 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1610

Then it was back to the Redstones Theatres and those 3-D glasses and the wonderful Alice and Wonderland…a imaginative extravaganza!  Everyone loved it but it looks as though all that wildness burned out Eliza’s brain!  

2010-03-12 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1614

Just as the Looslis left, the Pothiers came!  What fun to see the display of Indian fashion!  (Tal and Anita, have Sarah look at this post…she helped us buy this stuff)!

2010-03-14 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1618

2010-03-14 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1628

Charity and I got to take care of Lucy (mostly Charity because we had to leave) while the Pothiers had fun with their friends at the Park City ski resort.  It was such a treat to see them three weeks in a row!

Dad, as you know is basically crazy for fun (both meanings intended)!  He just HAD to see the new Elvis show in Las Vegas before we headed for the tennis tournament in Indian Wells. Sooooo we flew to Las Vegas, had a great evening of entertainment at the new City Center, which is a massive new addition to the Las Vegas scene.

2010-03-15 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1638 

and saw the new Cirque de Soleil production of ELVIS!  It was truly spectacular. I know I use that word a lot, but it really was the only way to describe it! 

2010-03-15 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1633

Dad got his Elvis fix and we rented a car and drove until about 2 a.m. to Victorville where we stopped at a little motel.  He was told that Palm Springs was only about 2 1/2 hours from Las Vegas but it was more like 4 1/2 so we had a really fun little road trip!

The next morning we jumped in the car and made sure we were at least an hour early for the matches at Indian Wells.  I have to say that it was REALLY fun!  We saw all the major players close up and personal and loved being at the historic match when Federer was defeated in three sets 7/5, 5/7, 7/6 by Baghdatis!  It was a terrific match!  Everybody needs to lose once in a while!

As always at these tourneys, dad was like a kid in a candy store and loved soaking in that sun, soaked in oil!

2010-03-17 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1644

The gorgeous grounds were matched by really good (and expensive) food and two days completely saturated with fantastic tennis. We saw the top 9 men’s players and lots of great women’s matches including a one where the cute girl from Denmark that we saw at the US Open won.

2010-03-17 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1651

You gotta love Rafa’s crazy shorts, even though you can’t see them very well here:


2010-03-17 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1650

Ah, what a nice respite from the dirty melting snow and mud presently at our house in Park City!

2010-03-17 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1640

And the top it all off, when we got back to Las Vegas to catch our flight, we saw that Lion King was playing and since we haven’t seen it since 15 years ago in NY (and only half then…some will remember that) he decided to surprise me with tickets. The puppetry, costumes, orchestra and music were absolutely amazing!  We stayed overnight and arrived home about an hour ago. Next we’re on our way to a violin practice, dinner with friends who have an orphanage in Haiti and then on to a speech in Alpine tonight.

2010-03-18 Looslis Pothiers and CA 1653 

One thing we never have to worry about is being bored! 



Evans Fam said...

Thanks for posting those pictures of Logan, the temple and Gramma Ruthie! It was soooo good to see you guys!

Charity said...

awesome mom. the pic of dad with his shirt off and oil on is so classic. you guys are so blessed. wish i had the no boredom problem down here in ptown! love you