Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arrival of Jacobson Scott Eyre

What a week for Eyrealm!  Grandchild #19 arrived at 3:40 p.m. on April 20th.  An amazing birth all around, he took the record for birth weight of any child or grandchild of Eyrealm at 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 inches long!
There were a few breathtaking moments (excuse the pun) when they couldn’t find a heartbeat and he didn’t seem to be breathing with the cord wrapped around his neck, but that little blue head was followed by a beautiful football body and that first hardy cry was absolutely music to the ears of the those breathless parents! 
But that chubby-cheeked little cherub is a treasure  beyond measure and looks like a perfect linebacker! Noah’s pictures are terrific on their blog here.  We just can’t get enough of kissing those cheeks. They may just erode right off!   Sorry this pic is a bit grainy but you’ll “get the picture”. 
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1787
Kristi had been ready to drop this baby for five days and when they finally broke the water at 2 p.m., he didn’t waste anytime plunging into the world at 3:40! She did it totally naturally because of a huge issue with spinal headaches for six weeks after the last delivery with an epidural, so she survived and as Charity would say, “Bless her!”
This wonder woman is even more beautiful after delivering this adorable “hunk”! 
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1788
There’s a pretty proud daddy involved in all this who was at Kristi’s side every minute. Jacobson looks a little smaller in Noah’s arms!
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1785
What a special joy for this Grammie as they are giving him her maiden name for a first name. All the Jacobsons living and dead will be overjoyed!  Kristi’s dad must be equally pleased to have his first name given as a middle name!  His name will be Jacobson Scott Eyre.
It was totally serendipitous for me to be able to get on that Jet Blue red eye last night and arrive her at 6 a.m. this morning to see this adorable little guy!  This was totally unplanned but Kristi’s parents are stranded in Guam with the aftermath of the volcanic ash and weren’t able to get here for a few days.  I, of course, am in heaven with this little guy and this fun little family! 
Since Kristi was at the birthing center for the delivery and then moved to the hospital with a cute French-speaking roommate who also snored, she decided to just go ahead and come home tonight!  I can’t think of anything more fun (except for the actual birth)_than seeing the sheer delight of the siblings as they welcome home their new baby! 
McKay was over the moon at the thought of having a brother yesterday and Lyla was not really interested.  But it sure caught her interest tonight!  See what you think!
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1803
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1804

2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1807

McKay was pretty star-struck too!
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1823
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1819
Both kids are so enthralled and SO anxious to show their physical love that it reminded me of when I found Jonah at about McKay’s age, lovingly carrying Noah around in the front yard by the neck and shoulders when he wasn’t much older than Jacobson.  “I think he’s gonna like it here” may be a little hard to swallow for Jacobson for a while when it comes to the physical adoration of his older siblings!  Man does that bring back memories!
Still adoration goes a long way as this little guy begins his exciting life with his family.
2010-04-21 Jacobson Eyre  1814


shawni said...

Oh you're SOOOO lucky to be there!!! Give everyone hugs from us!

brittanimae said...

Wow, that is a ridiculously adorable family! I can NOT believe you guys are on grandchild #19!! Congratulations to everyone!!!

dg darling said...

Congratulations! He is just darling! What a lucky little guy to be born into such a great family!

Sees-the-Day said...

YEAH!!!!We are so excited for them. How fun. Natural birth is the BEST way to go anyway. HAPPY Birthday to you Linda.
We are thinking of you. Hope to see you guys sometime soon.