Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Escape….except Easter!

No matter where we go, there is SNOW! 

On our little Balinese dog and the front porch…

2010-04-03 Snow and Easter 1694

2010-04-03 Snow and Easter 1695

To the non-view of the mountains through our windows…

2010-04-01 Snow and Easter 1681


To Logan….


2010-04-01 Snow and Easter 1690

And Grandma’s house…

2010-04-01 Snow and Easter 1691

Even at Kolob we watched a blizzard come in last night

2010-04-05 Snow and Easter 1710

2010-04-05 Snow and Easter 1711

EXCEPT….at good old St. George!  Reliably beautiful weather brought us a splendid Easter Day with the Loosli Family first with reading the scriptures of the last days of Jesus with a symbol of each event in a plastic Easter egg prepared by Saren. Thanks to Jared we watched some clips from Jesus of Nazareth on You Tube all of which helped us feel the true meaning of Easter.

Then it was on to the delight of the Easter baskets…

2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1698

2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1704

Our day was full of feasts…first Eggs Benedict for breakfast and then a wonderful dinner of pot roast and veggies with Saren and Jared at the helm….


2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1705 

The feast of words at general conference was inspiring!  The message of how important parents are was pretty clear and included in almost every talk.  We are ready to do better and be better!

The little kids worked on puzzles while the big kids took amazingly accurate notes on what the speakers were saying!

2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1707

It always adds sparkle to have Charity with us…

2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1706 

She and Eliza prepared a really fun Easter Egg hunt in the wash with 67 plastic eggs after conference….

2010-04-04 Snow and Easter 1708

It was fun to skype Jonah and Aja who were also having a grand time…watching conference on their computer and preparing Aniston’s new room which will include a full- room mural with horses running through it! 

We thought of all of Eyrealm wherever you are…including Tal and Anita in far-away India.  Eric says we got three feet of snow at Baliwood last night but it’s melting here in Kolob. Hope you’re warm wherever you are (you may be sweltering in India T & A).  HAPPY EASTER! 

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