Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fabulous Florida!

In addition to everything else the Waters were doing (see previous post) they offered their Beach House on the Florida keys to us for three days between our Polk County speeches and one in New Orleans on Thursday. It has been so terrific to relax, read, write and enjoy this part of the world that we rarely see.

Imagine our delight after leaving Park City in a snow storm to go back to flowers, warm breezes, perfectly beautiful weather and absolutely incredible sunsets! 

The sky and the sea are absolutely amazing! 

             The sand felt like powdered sugar under our feet and looked like a moonscape:

Today we went fishing. Although I think that fishing is about as exciting as baseball games we had a great time, even though the wind was blowing like crazy and it took us 4 1/2 hours to find about seven fish.  I thought the most exciting part was seeing an manatee!  I didn't catch it's nose above water in time for a picture but this is how it looked under water:

And this is how he looks in real life!

  Just when we thought this was going to be our best catch.......

                      We stumbled onto a bunch of Ladyfish who were pretty good fighters....

And we even found a flounder at the end, which our Captain cleaned for us to barbecue on the grill!

There's nothing quite like the sea because it always includes the sand, the fish, 
the birds, the waves and the sunsets.

On to New Orleans!


richard said...

you, babycakes, are some blogger!

bostonshumways said...

you are in Florida? Man, i'm jealous.

love the pictures!

miss you guys.

shawni said...

Looks like some fun adventures...and great pictures of that sky. Love it.