Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun with Josh and the Pothiers!

Thanks to Josh, I’m back to Live Writer….on my Apple!  They said it was impossible at the Apple store but Josh can do anything you know! I don’t know how fun he thought that was but I LOVED it!  Man, I’m HOME!  I know how to transfer pictures from a new hard drive and I’m pretty much feeling like I have a grip on life again! Pretty soon I’m just going to know everything right?  NOT!

Anyway after returning from Megamind with the kids on Saturday, the adults went to dinner at Dave’s favorite place and then we got home in time to celebrate with the kids and his parents as well as his sister, Mary Lynn (sorry Marva, you’re back there peeking through).


Somehow we got to church the next morning with everybody intact at 8 a.m.! Quite a feat with five kids and four adults! We enjoyed a lovely Sacrament meeting and had a great time enjoying Claire’s talk in Junior Primary.  I got to meet all the wonderful Young Women that Shawni is now in charge of and was totally blown away by the maturity of the Laurels. They’ve got a great treat in store having Shawni at the helm!

Then Dave and Shawni left for their little birthday getaway and the party at 3040 Washington Avenue began!

Here’s Grace in her new room.  All her teachers love her and she is a terrific friend, student and gymnast! She has a new creative idea about every two minutes and it was fun to practice math flash card with her. Took me right back to my childhood and you Eyre kids’ childhood too!


These kids really know how to work! They did the Saturday jobs without being asked! Claire is a spectacular at gymnastics and is especially good at giving up what she wants for what Lucy needs! Even though she has yet another UTI, she always has a brilliant little smile on her face and her front tooth is just about to meet the tooth fairy!


This twelve year old is simply incredible!  On Monday night she made cookies for FHE and after dinner said, “This floor is disgusting!”  Out came the mop and the Fabuloso and she mopped the whole kitchen floor! She also made a video for Dave’s birthday that will be a treasure forever. She combined the videos that Shawni had collected and added some terrific pictures from the past along some cute graphics. What a gal (as her grandfather would say)! In addition to all that, Dad got to go to her tennis lesson and even though she was the youngest, she was also the best!

And this guy is a great volleyball player and can’t wait for basketball (he’s taller than me).  Grandma Jacobson would have been so proud to hear he and Elle play a delightful duet on the piano (Deck the Halls) that they’re preparing for their Christmas recital. Now that made my heart flutter!

One of the most fun things I got to do was to take these three to gymnastics. They have classes at the same time so I could watch all three perform at once!


Do you think Lucy is excited enough? She listened carefully to instructions and tried to do exactly what the teacher told her to do! What an adorable Cherub!

You gotta LOVE the legs!

She can run and jump like crazy and eats very little! It’s so great to see her getting all that exercise…not only there but also at home on the trampoline. She goes out there every time someone will go with her. I even got to jump with her and play “Duck, Duck, Goose” a few times. FUN! 

I have to say that tramp does create magical static electricity on the hair!

I also got to sit through two therapists’ session with her at home. Every little bit helps and she is making amazing progress…mostly because she’s so darn smart!

It was so fun to visit Josh’s class as well. The kids are absolutely darling and had so many good and interesting questions. Josh has his room decorated to the hilt already with red paper on the walls behind the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and colored lights hanging all around the room!  It was the only time I can remember being glad there isn’t a window in Josh’s room. With only the Christmas lights on, the room is magical!  Forgot to take pictures! Shucks!  

We were home for two hours when Dad surprised me with tickets to the Jazz game tonight which was so fun!  As you can probably tell, we're on the 4th row behind the basket. Seats some of you will be familiar with.  Great game! We won by 22. The  Jazz are on fire!


I need a sports camera!

  So it's back to snow and Park City and mail and loose ends and helping the Looslis get settled. Most importantly.…time to get ready for Christmas!


Jonah and Aja said...

amazing as always mom. you are a saint for putting up with the sports. josh is an genius when it comes to teaching and when it comes to computers.

shawni said...

That was SO fun. We'll never be able to thank you enough for loving our kids almost as much as we do! Sure love you!

Visit Park City said...

Yes Happy Holidays! We are glad you're with us. Share photos and stories when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook,

eyre blog said...

thanks for the update Linda! you. are. simply. amazing!