Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There’s a Yak in My Window!

Okay, about one mile from Jonah and Aja’s house in Sequim is the Olympic Wild Animal Park. It is AWESOME!  According to the folks in Sequim these were animals used in Disney movies…some of them trained and this is their final resting place after their movie careers.
You are absolutely forbidden to get OUT of the car but there are no rules for the animals about getting IN the car! It was hilarious! We laughed our heads off! Luckily Elsie didn’t scream her head off! Considering that Aja and I both forgot our cameras, these are pretty good shots from the Iphones!

We took some of the bread from the food bank to feed these wild beasts, who knew we had treats from them. But we think they liked us better than anyone who had been through in their recent memory because our car smelled so good! Mmmmm, You just can’t beat those fish and chips or maybe they thought they were going to get some Chinese food! *

Just behind this cutie was an enormous white rhino. Look at the size of those logs on his fence!


Here’s another one on approach, looking for chop sticks!

The zebras were delightful. The kids went wild over them!


But this guy below was my absolute favorite! Eighteen hundred pounds of Kodiak Bear lumbered over when he saw us coming and just sat there and caught every piece of bread in his mouth that was in catching distance without having to move!He was fantastic!


There were VERY aggressive lamas (we had to keep moving to keep from being attacked)!
 Aja said, "Uh OH, those ears are down...we're out of here!"


And bison and fallow deer that looked a like Santa’s reindeer:


The wild predators were beautiful but sadly they looked a little like they were quartered at Guantanamo Bay! There was a small roaming yard out back but not enough room for an “Aslan”!


There was one giant bull elk in a fenced yard and lots of other elk just roaming around.


What a fun place right in Jonah and Aja’s back yard! Aniston was the champion bread chucker. Those giant buffalo loved it, even though no one ever got any of that yummy Chinese food!

*For those who don’t know, Jonah and Aja’s car runs on used oil, sometimes from fish and chips places, but usually Chinese food places. The exhaust smells delicious!


Eli said...

That is the coolest zoo I have ever seen. Did they have any members of the Cullen family there(vampires)?

bostonshumways said...

holy cow (or Yak), that is awesome!