Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Emerald Isle

It’s almost as though we’re in dreamland here. The scenery is gorgeous!  There are sheep everywhere and adorable little lambs romping around. There are rock walls, rock houses, rock barns and ancient rock churches at every turn of the head!









As we left the castle, we had lunch at our new favorite place to eat in Ireland…The Hungry Munk. Such a cute place with terrific food!





It rained most of the day but it made everything so beautiful. From lush moss, covered rock walls and trees like this….




To stark landscapes like this…


And even a fiord that looked like this…



We ended up in a cute town called Westport at a fun little hotel, not similar to the one we just left but just perfect!



Near there was the mountain where the beloved St. Patrick fasted for 40 days and a monument was raised to him just outside out hotel. We loved the quote from St. Patrick engraved there:



The word you can’t read (sorry) is UTTERLY. What a man!



That night we listened to some delightful Irish Music from four musicians at a pub called Matt Murphy’s near our hotel. There was an accordion player a fiddler, a guitar player and another guy who joined them whom they had never met who played an instrument from Greece that looks just like the long-necked lute-looking instrument at our house. It was so fun to hear!

This morning we were back on the road looking for Galway and the city center there that the doorman at Ashford Castle told us about called  Eyre (Air) Square. It was a beautiful little place in the middle of town and it was fun to see our name at ever turn!

(note the name at the top of this sign collection):







Dad loved this hotel on the square because it was named The MeyRick.  He made himself right at home!




The square was cold but beautiful and full of cute teenagers trying to feel warm on a Saturday afternoon even though the wind was blowing and it was freezing. The guy’s hair below however was not blown by the wind. He created it!



There was a beautiful Cathedral in town which I snapped going 40 mph in the car.




Next we were in pursuit of what many people call the most spectacular sight in all the land…the Cliffs of Moher on the Western edge of Ireland, jutting into the mighty Atlantic. It was truly worth the crazy ride on ultra skinny roads for hours and jumping in horror at the sure feeling that we were going to hit a rock wall at any moment at almost every turn!





Wild and windy to be sure, but it was an amazing sight to behold.  Dad/Rick used his “long arm” for a snapshot but missed the cliffs. Oh well you can tell it’s windy and we’re having fun!




Hw was also sure that these slate slabs  circling the walkway were shingles from a giant’s house. I think he liked those better than the cliffs.




After driving through Limerick (wherein Rick recited his favorite limerick) we zipped through a beautiful sunset,


and have found a B & B at Kildare.  We are headed in the morning for Dublin and a flight to Manchester.  More from there soon. Our fondest wish is that all of our family could be here with us!


Julie said...

Glad you're having a nice time in Ireland. Did you celebrate Mother's Day yesterday?

Are you planning on doing any firesides while here in the uk?

Your blog is brilliant:)

bostonshumways said...

wow guys! I want to be there!!! it looks so green and lush....a true treat for my eyes that have only seen grey and drab for quite a while. And I love that picture of you two towards the end. you're both so full of life and vigor and joy. so proud to call you mine!