Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Our last high school graduation was many years ago so it was fun to be back at a high school graduation that was more like my own rural town graduation than our kids’ graduation from East High School.  On Friday cute grand-nephew Adam Mann, graduated from North Summit High School.

It was great to see this family together again! One of our niece Trina’s darling daughters lives too far away to be there but her other four great kids were a sight to behold!


We were excited to see that Maxine’s cute baby is named Ashton, just like our terrific grandson who was named after where his father was born.



I don’t know how we missed getting Bobbi’s wife in this picture but their adorable little three year old has the cutest dimples you would ever want to see!




Beautiful Mom, Trina and her husband Mike and son Eddie were there to celebrate. This mom has been through a lot in her life and always comes out smiling! 




Also beaming was Trina’s amazing sister Mandi and her husband Bret and their kids. Adam lived with them for a while since they live just a few houses from the high school while Trina and Mike were living in Texas.



With graduations as plentiful as the rain/snow this time of year, as soon as we start to feel sort of melancholy about the end of a once-in-a lifetime experience, we also realize that it’s really just the brand new beginning of the next great adventure!


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Thanks for blogging this Linda! It was so nice to see my cute family through your photo's. I try to visit them once a year but with baby around the corner it's just not happening. I would agree with Rick, you are a great blogger!