Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chicken Obituary, Ponyo RIP

Our daughter-in-law Aja is not only brilliant but also clever and forever entertaining. And she LOVES animals, particularly "designer chickens"! At our family reunion last summer our favorite (and only) pet was the beloved Ponyo hauled all the way from the Olympic Penninsula in Washington to Bear Lake, Idaho in a station wagon already stuffed with five bodies and a summer's worth of "stuff". Ponyo was included in the family picture (see above)and was always fun to have around especially because Aja could always tell us what Ponyo was thinking. Here are Aja's thoughts at her passing and even though there is so much more to know about this chicken!s life we think the most entertaining obituary you've ever read, here you go:

We are very sad to announce the passing away of dear little Ponyo the chicken. She died on the morning of June 1st of natural causes incident to being a chicken.

Although she was only of average age for a chicken, Ponyo lived a very full life and was the better for her many joys and heartbreaks. She was born at McMurrray Hatchery, Iowa, on November 15th, 2009. She arrived at the Eyre Cottage in Sequim, WA four days later with 25 "siblings". Ponyo was adopted by Aniston as her chicken, and for this reason was actually quite shy of humans for her first eight months, despite having lived in the Eyres' house through the winter.

When tragedy struck on night of July 11th, 2010, Ponyo's life changed forever as she was the sole survivor of what has been termed, "Chicken Armageddon", Ponyo rose to her new role as the family pet. Although devastated by the loss of her twin sister Tina and her true love C Head, Ponyo quickly warmed up to the humans, often walking up to her family and wanting to be picked up and carried around.

When the family left for a 2000+ mile road trip, Ponyo came along. She rode in a laundry basket in the back of the station wagon, waiting to poop until the family stopped at rest stops. Ponyo visited seven states, met an Apostle, and even made it into Success Magazine and Deseret News. Towards the end of the road trip, she took to riding on the head rests so she could watch the road.

Ponyo's fame and her mourning for C Head meant a cold welcome for the new rooster Mr. Mouth who was picked up in Boise. Two more banty hens were picked up as well and when the family arrived home in July, Ponyo still liked the humans better.

It wasn't until new chicks were born and bought in October that Ponyo learned to love again. After many months, she gave into Beetlejuice's rooster advances. The two married in April and their first chick was hatched yesterday, May 31st, through a surrogate mother. Ponyo only saw the chick once before her untimely, but peaceful death.

While Ponyo did not make it into any more print media after her Success Magazine appearance, she did touch fame once more when she won the 116th Sequim Irrigation Parade Kiddie's Parade Best Dressed Pet competition. She beat out a fabulous daschund and bike riding cat to take 1st Place.

Ponyo is survived by her human family, her adopted sisters Ponyo Junior and Ponyo Protege, and by her child Ponyojuice.

She will be buried under the rose bush.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you abstain from eating chicken for a week. Eggs are okay.

Goodbye Ponyo! We love you!

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