Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wow, do we ever celebrate birthdays here at Eyrealm!  Our adorable Lyla (Noah and Kristi’s) just turned three as they arrived for a wedding and a reunion. What a girl she is!  There is no doubt in your mind that she knows what she wants. What a great attribute for life! Look at her concentrate on getting that third finger up after doing two for a whole year:



Great things are going to come from this little girl!



There’s nothing like the birthday of our nation to help you remember how lucky we are to be Americans. So many men and women gave so much to bring us the freedom that we enjoy. We love to remember and to celebrate! This year we were once again at the lake anticipating our reunion. Here are a few shots that will help those of us in Eyrealm remember this moment in time!









If you want some serious inspiration through fine art and music see this fabulous website by our prize-winning photographer and almost daughter Eva Koleva Timothy and her extraordinary husband Adam who is playing the piano for these spectacular photographs. They are working on a new book soon to be released with some of the elements here.

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