Thursday, December 22, 2011

San Diego Baby

We couldn't be more blessed to have new grand babies on each of the coasts of the USA!

Because I didn't bring my heavy computer I went through myriads of methods to find a way to post blogs on my iPad. Finally....success! At last I can post some pictures of our darling San Diego baby! Dad/Rick loves his name...Bennett Richard Eyre.

As mentioned in an earlier post, petite Kristi is positively a heroine as she delivered a 9lbs with an arm above his head. Yikes, this kid is coming to save the day!

In addition we had fabulous fun with "the other kids". We got to see their Thanksgiving Tree directly across from the Christmas tree in their living room.

McKay showed off his awesome Gingerbread Man, Lyla and I made tie-die cupcakes and Cubby wasn't too sure about that new baby.

And grandfather had fun in the mornings with the kids so Noah and Kristi could get a little extra sleep.

We couldn't have had more fun! What a family! Happy birthday today Kristi!

Okay, here goes. I'm going to post this. Pictures may be all mixed up but I'll take what I can get.

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