Monday, March 11, 2013

From Omaho to San Diego to Palm Springs and Home

I unpacked from MFME and packed up again for a speech in Omaha. Fun group! Some parents whom we had seen five years earlier and had actually put some of our ideas to work. In fact they not only made them work but they made them better….tailored for their own family!

Several came to a “morning after’ meeting and one dynamite family brought goal charts that had been filled out by their kids. These were “summer deals” for kids who had to buy all their own clothes, shoes and coats for school. Pretty cool!


It was great to see so many dads getting involved!


We must admit that it was freezing cold in Omaha and we were mighty glad to get on our way to San Diego. But alas, it was cold there too! We bundled up and had a lovely evening with more parents for an afternoon meeting in the Gaslight district of San Diego. Kristi joined us and Noah came in at the end for some food and to meet people before he dashed off to a fundraiser!

The next morning Noah and Kristi got a babysitter and we all took off for the tennis tournament at Indian Wells/Palm Springs. After basking in 80 degree weather at Laguna Beach last week, we were freezing at the tournament. Even though there was some sun, the temp and the wind made it very cold!

Eli and Julie were already there with some friends. Note the little shoes on Zara’s hands to keep her warm (and out of the sun).



Dad and Eli had press passes. Dad could get a front row seat for any match as a columnist and Eli could get into any match as the photographer for his friend who was writing an article on the tournament for the St. George newspaper. I’m sure some of the spectacular pictures he got of the ground breaking for new facilities there attended by all the former Champions of the Indian Wells Tournament will show up on their blog soon!

All but Dad left for an hour to get some dinner and to buy some blankets for the night session at Wal-Mart. We were glad for the warmth…and the hot chocolate! 


We got to see the first set of the champion Brian Brothers’ doubles match and then we took off for San Diego and the warm car. 


If you look carefully you can see Eli down there taking picture in the blue sweat shirt to the left of the circle of photographers in the middle. Wow! Did he have fun!

We’re home for five days until we take off for a fun speaking tour in Latin America!

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Macy said...

So fun! My mom and dad went to Indian Wells every year with my mom's tennis friends. It was their absolute favorite.