Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another horse lover!

We had our youngest little grand daughter Zara for a few days last week and what a joy it was to feel her little personality. Rick/Dad was determined to show her a good time on the horse since that is his third love, after family and writing. Somehow we were unable to convince her that horses were a good thing….as you will see below.

imageimage image



There was just no convincing her….no matter what!  LOL!


Maybe we’ll just stick to the swing for a while on this girl!


In addition to the horse adventure, did we ever have fun with she and Julie for the few days while we were together. Julie came for a reunion of college roommates and Zara loved seeing her dad Eli on Face Time but just wondered why he didn’t come on out and pick her up!  Such a fun age! We like babies around here….horse lovers or not!  


L3 said...

She is such a cutie! I'll bet you did have fun!

charity eyre wright said...

those pictures are hysterical. awesome