Monday, December 16, 2013

Delight of the Holidays with Children

There is nothing like the sweet soul of a child….especially during the holidays!

More than half of the forty two people who were here for Thanksgiving were children.  After making their “thankful lists” and stuffing themselves, most of those kids retired to the downstairs to watch Polar Express. But one very thankful little eight-year-old Oliver stayed behind. He had announced that he was going to make a list of the things he was thankful for about his grandparents on the road trip here and he wasn’t about to forget it, just for a movie! 

Sweet little Oliver sat down in the relative quiet and composed ten things that he was thankful for about his grandparents. Awww!  What a sweetheart!  Here is what he came up with…a treasure!



Precious thoughts from the mind of an adorable child!

Later that day we started dragging out the Christmas decorations with 10 year old Eliza. We found this pretty hilarious message to some unknown beloved person created by Charity when she was a child. As you will see, she inherited the “terrible speller” gene. If you can figure out what this says at the end, you’re a genius!  Translation at the end of this post.


Probably the most fun “kid” in the world is Santa Clause, who left this delightful picture for the kids one Christmas morning. Just look at the genius system of loading the sleigh, the cat overseeing the progress and the elf ready to drop yet another package on the conveyer belt! Better hurry or those reindeer are going to fly away! 


There’s nothing like the magic of the holidays!

Translation of Charity’s message:  ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly and have Joy. Merry Christmas Happy New Year, Love from your secret buddy, Charity Eyre


Unknown said...

Thanks for the pictures of Oliver's cute notes to you and Dad. I never got to see what he came up with after he insisted that Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete w/o doing notes for you two.

Thanks for being the best mom ever and for appreciating my cute kids so much!

charity eyre wright said...

those notes from oliver are to die for! my favourite is "you taught my mom good things" love that boy.