Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dazzling London!

It almost feels like a second home! We started coming to London 39 years ago in 1976. Four little kids, five and under accompanied us and at that point in our married life I had never set foot outside of the US other than Mexico and Canada. I was 29 years old and we were there to stay for three years!

Right now I wish I had brought my external hard drive so I could add some pictures of us in those years but since I didn’t I just have to say that we adore this amazing city! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that we would now have a 29 year-old daughter living here with her new husband, right in Central London, around the corner from Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, St. Martin in the Field and Covent Garden and down the street from Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abby! 

Charity and Ian have been here one month and their furniture has not yet arrived to their 600 square foot flat so we are having fun making do with two air mattresses, one small table and four chairs, four plates, four glasses, 3 spoons and three forks! We are having the time of our lives!


















And who among our many immigrant ancestors, who gave up so much when they joined our church in the British Isles and left for America amidst persecution in the mid 1800’s would have…in their wildest dreams…foreseen seeing this plastered on about every tenth double-decker bus driving through the streets of London? Simply astonishing! (Even though it has more than one meaning).


We are simply dazzled by the diversity, the creativity and the antiquity juxtaposed to the modernity of this beloved country! Memories will be flooding back as we visit our “old stomping grounds” next!


Julie said...

Great pix.:)

I'd love to know a bit more about the picture of the bloke between the 2 fingers.

Were you here for the queen's special day yesterday, if so did you go & see the boats on the Thames?

charity eyre wright said...

What a blogger you are LInda Loo!

Brooke Higgins said...

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Suzan Baker said...

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