Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Great People and Great Art

What a thrill it was to go to dinner with a couple that have been a part of our lives for five decades! A couple of weeks ago, we received a letter that we treasure. It was a thank you note to Richard from Gene Freedman, whom Richard baptized when he was on his LDS mission in NYC fifty years ago. His wife Claire had been a lifetime member but Gene, though he loved and supported his wife in her activity there, just couldn’t bring himself to be baptized. He was from a strong, very successful Jewish family which made his conversion very difficult.

Something Richard and his companion said finally clicked and he was baptized fifty years ago  in November. They had five brilliant, successful children and just exude the light of the gospel wherever they go. They and all  their children have served faithfully in the church in many leadership positions through the years. Among other “callings” they have served two missions together, one in Europe and one in the New York City Temple. In the past few years their sons have taken the over the leadership of Downeast Home, a popular clothing and furniture chain in the west that Gene and Claire founded many years ago. 

The icing on the cake was the fact that Gene was Charity’s bishop when she lived in Provo. What a delightful evening we had with them reminiscing about old times. We were so glad to be able to express our gratitude for all the joy they have brought to our lives through the years.


At the beginning of Thanksgiving Week, we were so happy to be able to spend some time with the Looslis! They usually have Thanksgiving with us but since we were committed to go to AZ (that fun coming soon) and since the kids were out of school all week, they came into Salt Lake to stay at the condo for a few days since Jared had to work the first part of the week and it was so much more convenient for them to be so close to the office. That family now know the Light Rail system in downtown Salt Lake a lot better than we do!  They covered about every possible museum and cultural event possible while they were there!

We had a chance to take the kids to an IMAX movie at the Planetarium and The Peanuts Movie (the older kids were so excited Smile) and enjoy a little food together.


I also got to go to the newly remodeled Church History Museum which is a remarkable place! The main floor has fascinating exhibits about the beginning days and years of our church. So well done!

Upstairs we found the winners of an International Art Competition, entitled Stories of Jesus which was absolutely stunning! Here are few of my favorites. I wish I had written the artists’ names on each of these. If you get a chance go look at them with your own eyes! 

This one depicts Mary and Martha. To me this is the perfect way to show that every woman is encircled with both of these women’s personality traits. 


Loved these two Jesus as a child! First this one of Mary with the toddler Jesus:


And then this one showing that the child Jesus was the only one who noticed the man in need. The adults just look on, but He sees!



Because we know Caitlin Connelly and adore her work, I did take a picture of the description of her painting:



I loved this one with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes with the 5000 behind Jesus that it will eventually feed!


And this one from Argentina of Jesus beckoning the disciples to join his “Kingdom.”


I loved the uniqueness of this painting and thought to capture the description by its side. The more I looked, the more interesting it became! 



The detail is mind blowing!


I hope you get to see this marvelous display of creativity!

But I have to say that the most precious thing I found all week was this darling old picture that just suddenly surfaced after almost 30 years of being in a drawer!  How I love these five sons!


On to Thanksgiving!


Jenny (also) said...
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Jenny (also) said...

Linda, I'd like to ask you to reflect for a moment on bragging about converting a man from a "strong Jewish family" from another point of view. Have you considered the sadness of him leaving the ancient, holy religion of his ancestors? The tragedy of him losing his own rich heritage? Can you feel the hearbreak his family felt? Perhaps imagining how you will feel when your own Josh marries a Jew, converts to Judaism, raises Jewish children, and becomes a leader in the Jewish Community could give you a taste of what his own mother felt.

You have written and spoken a lot about the ills of entitlement. Perhaps the most entitled world view of all is that your religion is the one true religion and that others should convert to your own views. Your post, your attitude lacks humility and reflects the same hubris of your religion; a religion that "coverts" Jewish holocaust victims post-mortally.

Linda said...

Hi Jenny or possibly MQ, MS and Unknown,
Thanks for giving me a chance to say that this man's family adored Claire and embraced his decision to join the church. He still celebrates many Jewish traditions along with his family.

Also, we embrace truth and light all over the world, no matter what religion. There's a lot of truth out there! Maybe you'd like to take a look at our recent article in the Deseret News about tolerance. Your seem a bit Mormophobic. Tolerance applies both ways!

Jenny (also) said...

Linda, Thanks for your response. I will check out the article. Please note, I am not MQ (I certainly did not agree with the tone Madam Queen took on Shawni's blog and I'm so sorry if you think I sound like her. As a Jew your post really hit a soft spot with me), MS (no idea who that is) or Unknown/Anonymous. I always post as Jenny also. Why do you think I'm those other people? More than one or two individuals can disagree with your perspective.

Linda said...

Good to know! I apologize.

kms said...
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