Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sweet Switzerland

Nothing delights us more than being asked to speak in a place near where one of our families reside! Since Berlin was only about an hour and a half flight away from where Tal and Anita live in Switzerland, we scooted right over there to spend the weekend with them!

Flying into the beautiful green land of Switzerland with small villages cluster among the “dips” reminded us that they pretty much live in heaven when it comes to scenery! Tal picked us up after work and shuttled us through busy Zuich traffic to their little hometown. It was so exciting to get back to their warm and cozy little home at the base of the foothills to the Alps!


We were greeted by the neighbor’s cat whom A had named Saren Cinderella.She and A have become fast friends!


Anita had prepared our favorite Swiss meal…a variety of racklette cheeses, boiled potatoes and pickled onions. YUM! 

In the living room was A’s little castle filled it with her “children”:



The next morning and every morning thereafter we were served a delightful breakfast of hybsicus nector and yogurt, cheese, hand-churned butter and homemade bread and nutella along with delicious raspberry jam and organic honey.


After breakfast we “headed for the hills” which are plentiful, just behind their house.  Little A wanted to show us the “Green Table” and we enjoyed a lovely walk up the hills with church bells chiming and cows mooing in the background.


A was so excited to show us the way to the Green Table and we were thrilled to find it!



There was green everything….


After a considerable amount of traditional “Eyre Jumping” Tal went back for the car and picked us up to go to the forest.






This is one incredible forest, which little A named “Lyla Rumplestilkin.”  What an imagination this child has. She romped through the forest discovering beauties as though it was Chrstmas morning!




It was fun to go to church on Sunday with this great family! We love the people in their ward…especially the bishop and his family. They are an amazing family! Tal and Anita help in the nursery…maybe.the most beautiful nursery in the world. A kind person donated funds to create a nursery wonderland!




We had so much fun watching A fly a kite through beautiful fields by the lake and had a raucous Easter Egg Roll. You might guess why when you see this “hill” that we rolled the eggs down. Yolks were flying!




We enjoyed meeting T & A upstairs neighbors who own the house. They were terriic and adore A! And we also were treated to spectacular food!  Anita is an amazing cook! Forgot to take pictures of Sunday dinner. DARN!

On the morning we left Tal walked with us to the bus stop around the block from their home. Note that Dad is standing on his tiptoes for this picture so he doesn’t looks so small by Tal!


After a few minutes, Tal exited the train to head for his office and we stayed on baord until the airport. The Zurich Airport is one of our favorites in the world. Such great displays of the best chocolate in the world and some pretty awesome looking macarons!


We loved our three days in each country. Loved all that we learned and loved seeing the Alps popping up above the clouds as we flew away!



There is no place on earth quite like Sweet Switzerland!


Sydney said...

What a beautiful place. I love the pictures in the forest, the play castle with your grand daughters "little children" in it, and the picture of the macaron's. I have yet to figure out how those macaron's fit into The Half Diet, Diet,--ha! Actually, I am so happy to have received my book today in the mail. I took advantage of the 3 books for $30. What a terrific offer. I first heard about The Half Diet, Diet on your radio program, so, I do know the physical basic's. Thank-you.

Kiki Nakita said...


Looks like y'all had a wonderful time together. That breakfast looks spectacular.

Safe flight,