Monday, April 18, 2016

Grandkids in Utah and California

What a fun and crazy couple of weeks we’ve had!  After enjoying the great wisdom and insights of our church leaders as well as the magnificent Mormon Tablernacle Choir at our Semi-annual General Conference the beautiful Conference Center that holds 21,000 people, we headed North to take care of three of our terrific grandchildren!


Saren and Jared and their two middle children headed for Costa Rica for a well-deserved eight day adventure and we had more fun that you want to know with 16-year-old Ashton, who was still in school and their two youngest sons who are identical twins, who were on spring break!

Ashton had traveled to Australia with his mom a couple of years ago when Saren had a chance to do some work there with Power of Moms, so he had had his turn for a grand trip so it was Isaac and Eliza’s turn to had some fun! They had a splendid time, but I think we had more fun!

We started with our goals for the week. Grandfather is the master of goals so he helped the twins and Ashton work through what they wanted to accomplish while we were there. For Ashton it was mostly school goals but for the twins it was mostly fun goals.


These two little eleven year olds are pretty amazing. This is the robot they created with a very complicated kit. Their dad helped them with the first one but they reorganized their robot into a dinasaur that roars and throws his head around like a wild animal.


Ashton had his first official date while we were there. It was a day-date prior to the Prom they would be attending the following Saturday. Here is the darling gril who gets to go with adorable Ashton! (Sorry, bad light and a bit blurry but you’ll get the idea Smile!


While Ashton was in school, we took the twins to about everything imagineable that week! To thier grandfather’s horror, they both beat him in bowling!  They did have bumpers but Rick was really trying. Hilarious!  At least I thought it was….Grandfather…not so much !


Let’s take a look at the final score:


The boys enjoyed their hamburgers!



We watched movies galore!  This particular one isn’t out yet….but basically it was a kid-move marathon!


All three boys loved playing on the “Flow Rider”


The twins loved The Children’s Museum at Gateway.


What kids wouldn’t love a permanent Pinewood Derby where the kids make and race their own cars forever?



Grandfather even enjoyed showing off his juggling skills!



With a little swimming and a couple of IMAX movies about space and the national parks in SL, we took them back home and sent all three off to school on Monday morning before heading home to pack for our next three-week trip to see more kids and grandkids. 

We juggled going back and forth to SL for meetings and speeches for eight days and were so glad for Ashton’s great help to watch over things when we were gone. Those are three amazing kids!  We thought we knew them pretty well, but we know them better now, which is always such a bonus for grandparents! They are even better than we thought and we thought they were pretty great from the start!

Next it was 48 hours with our California Eyres. It’s always such fun to be with Noah and Kristi and their five champions!

I got to help with piano lessons and then loved sitting in on the lessons. Both McKay and Lyla are becoming great little painists! This teacher teaches 80 kids every week: whew!


This cutie never runs out of things to tell us and is so sweet with her baby sister! 


And these two are just the greatest buddies!


Let’s take a closer look at that T-shirt! McKay is in a robotics class after school! The kid is a genius!



And these two keep us laughing! Mila has progressed like a champ, but it looks as though she will be facing open heart surgery in the near future. The good news is that if things go well, she may never have to have another surgery. We are always praying for this sweet little girl!


We had fun putting the family puzzle together that Tal and Anita provided for everybody instead of T-shirts for our family reunion a few years ago. It was amazing to see how much everyone has changed and grown!

Is that Grandfather showing up with the last piece?


Mila loved holding these pine cones on the way to the park!


And this boy is one amazing sushi eater. Grandfather is about to pop one giant slice right into that nice big mouth!


Grandkids are the greatest! 

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